Smart blend portable blenders

Smart blend portable blenders

The morning rush hours are easily the busiest times in the day. With this rush and haste that even fills out into the rest if the day, you might find it hard to complete small tiny tasks. Peeling a few fruits and making a smoothie might become completely impossible with your schedule. But not watching your health might cause terrible problems in the future

Preparing juices, smoothies, and other fruit blends daily for your health or as a treat can prove be a challenge for those of us who have a cramped schedule, especially in the mornings. Seriously, who has the extra ten to fifteen minutes each morning to make a precise blend of fresh fruit, for whatever reason? Plus, you are always going to need to prep the fruits and vegetables before you start, which can be a strain for someone who’s already a bit late for work.

Now, imagine just being able to grab a few fruits, say, a couple of bananas and a handful of berries, throwing them in your bag, and then blending a nourishing smoothie or fruit drink right at your desk at work? You could even blend them on your way in a car or train. You wouldn’t even have to use a standard-sized blender or find a way to access an electrical outlet. SmartBlend has you covered! 

Prepare to meet the SmartBlend portable blenders. It is virtually a bottle fused with a blender in a sense. It provides a way for you to blend any ingredient in a small, portable 380ml bottle that you can even drink from directly! Of course, please ensure that the blades are not operated at this time.

This handy piece of equipment is charged by a USB cord, meaning you can power it  with your desktop at work or by simply plugging it into one of many mobile charging devices you probably have lying around in your house right now. A single charge, which requires about three hours of steady electricity, lets you blend up to 12 smoothies, which is a lot more than you’ll be needing in 24 hours. 

There is quite the number of products online that have derived from the concept of a water bottle turned mobile blender. But I can guarantee that one of the best features out there especially in Australia is the SmartBlend portable blender.

The awesome single-serving size of the water bottle ensures you’ll enjoy a fresh, tasty smoothie without overdoing it on a generous portion size. Another thing that virtually all portable blenders lack is something that SmartBlend has thought of long ago. Imagine having a portable blender that can provide all your functions but looks very ugly. You wouldn’t even want to bring it out in public, which would defeat the purpose of a portable blender. 

SmartBlend has you covered there again! They put in extra effort to make their product appear appealing to the eye. They have a long slew of colours and Designs from which you can choose your favorite. Green, black, purple, pink and blue are the five eye-catching colours offered by SmartBlend. They certainly have them ready for you. Not just colours, SmartBlend designs are not bulky or bland and are extremely convenient for you to carry around as any other water bottle. 

SmartBlend portable blenders can be used anywhere. At work, they provide an easy and convenient way to have your smoothies or juices. At the same time,  they even add a nice touch of colour to your desk. At the gym, SmartBlend can provide the quick energy boost you need after your work out. Take smart blend with you to stay nourished and keep getting swole. Even when you are on vacation, SmartBlend can easily provide a quick meal during long flights or when taking tourist walks. 

Another plus side of SmartBlend for people living in Australia, is the free shipping bonus. People in Australia don’t have to worry about the extra cost of shipping because Smartblend offers free shipping and processing to their Australian customers. 

At $64.99 AUD the SmartBlend really is a good investment for those who are always on the go. Not only that, you can purchase in confidence as there is a 30 day money-back guarantee, which means if you’re not satisfied with your portable blender within the first 30 days, simply return it to SmartBlend (shipping costs paid by you) and they will refund you your money, hassle-free.

And one more bonus if you’re still on the fence… SmartBlend offer a 3 month product guarantee, which means if you have any issues with your blender 3 months after the 30 day money-back guarantee has ended, you can return it to SmartBlend and they will issue you a brand new one at no extra cost. Subject to terms and conditions. 

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David Lockhart