Smart Designing Requires the Right Professionals

Smart Designing Requires the Right Professionals

Modern design style is one of the most popular trend in interior design today. It is a bit eclectic, has no strict rules and offers a lot of variability in the choice of furniture and accessories. Therefore, this interior design genre responds more quickly to changing trends and new homeowners accept it more readily.

In this article, we will tell you what techniques are relevant for decorating a living room in a modern style today. For the best interior design ideas and services in Singapore, feel free to check out Space Factor today.

The main features of modern style

  • Simplicity and clarity: in this style, each furniture performs its function accurately. Furniture are simple and functional.
  • Striving for comfort: in the interior of the living room in a modern style, everything is created for rest and relaxation. There is no feeling of clutter here, the neutral color palette is usually used.
  • Unpretentiousness: there is no place for a large number of accessories or patterns. You do not need to have special knowledge of combining different shades, furniture and decor of different styles.

What ideas are relevant today?

Functional zoning

The priority of functional zoning is to have an open space. Under this design idea, additional partitions should also be avoided. Therefore, it is better to zone the living room with furniture, creating various functional “parts”. It is important here to make the most of the available space, and not allow any square to be empty.

It is quite simple to create a comfortable arrangement in the living room, divide all the furniture by function and group it with each other on the plan. A glass coffee table on a carpet, a sofa and a pair of comfortable armchairs form the perfect living group that is visually separated from the dining room or work area.

Environmental friendliness

Despite the fact that all eyes and minds are now focused on the problems of climate change, renewal of resources and waste recycling, interior design can also play its part in helping the environment. The trend is gaining popularity: more and more owners of apartments and houses are consciously approaching renovation, are actively interested in the composition of the materials used, the place of their extraction or production, the impact on the environment and the possibility of environmental pollution.

When renovating your living room, you can follow this new trend too. For example, replace some of the new furniture with items made from recycled materials, abandon the use of natural leather upholstery, check the environmental certificates of the companies from which you buy finishing materials.

Imitation of natural textures

Modern manufacturers of flooring, tiles, wall decoration actively propose replacing the natural textures of wood and stone with high-quality options. Technologies today are so advanced that only a professional can determine whether a furniture is made from natural material or synthetic materials.

Compact pieces of furniture

It is not necessary to place storage systems along the entire wall. Additionally, a huge folding table is not needed in a house where guests rarely visit.It is better to replace large bedside tables with drawers with more compact ones – especially if they are needed only as a stand for lamps or vases. It is important that the interior design does not make you feel uncomfortable.


Bonnie Baldwin