Smart Making of the Wealth Ideas

Smart Making of the Wealth Ideas

According to the philosopher Michel Colucci, money and sex rule the world. Moreover, according to this same philosopher, it is not work that people want but money. “God reigns in heaven and money reigns over Earth” even says a German proverb.

So is money so important?

Omnipresent in modern society, money appears to be the center and the engine of all human actions. Money is a means by which one can do good (to oneself and to others) and which allows access to well-being, sometimes even to happiness. It is also alienation whether for the poor or the rich. The poor are afraid of not being able to meet their basic needs and the rich are afraid of losing their money. Money also alienates man by increasing the superfluous needs that only or almost this means can satisfy. Through the Evergreen Wealth Formula 2.0 review you can find how perfect money can be in building a life.

Something Beyond?

While it is true that not everything can be bought and that essential goods are most often beyond the reach of money, the fact remains that the power of the latter continues to expand without ceases, largely overstepping the bounds of the economic sphere. If money does not guarantee anything, it can lead to everything: happiness, marriage, independence, status etc.

  • There are many reasons for owning money. You are not going to starve or sleep on the streets if you have the money. On the other hand, few men limit their desire for money to the satisfaction of their basic needs. Money has this double faculty of meeting at the same time the necessity of elementary needs and the unlimited desire for superfluous pleasures. The desire to enjoy is at the background of the desire for money. You can satisfy your sexual needs with money. It is still necessary to be able to enjoy, as Jacques Brel reminds us in his song “The Old People”: even rich, they are poor. What good will be of use to us, if it does not come to us until we are no longer in the good age to enjoy it.

The base of the socienty

Money is much more than an individual end, it is the ferment of society. While it is true that there is no creation of wealth without work, there is hardly any without capital. Money is often the motivation that drives the human will to get involved in projects, individual businesses, which thus have the opportunity to come true. History has shown that collectivism never achieves the same fertility. The fact remains that the capitalist system is plagued by its excesses and the inequality of wealth is certainly one of the main causes of the current and future crisis. Taxing the rich can be one of the remedies for the crisis, but it cannot be an end in itself.

Each of us has capital that is not only financial: health, physical, sexual, beauty, charm, intellectual, cultural etc. While financial capital is relatively easy to determine, the same is not true of other forms of wealth.

Edward Powell