Smart Water Solutions Can Make A Big DifferenceTo Water Utilities: The Reasons And Benefits

Smart Water Solutions Can Make A Big DifferenceTo Water Utilities: The Reasons And Benefits

Smart water management systems have become more prevalent in recent year and this has been further highlighted throughout the COVID-19 pandemic as many utility staff are forced to work from home. By utilizing smart water solutions, we can develop more resilient and efficient water supply systemsthat incorporate the latest sensor, IoT and software technology to ensure sustainability and lower costs. Incorporating sophisticated technology into the conventional water and wastewater system can offer astonishing results. Water utilities who adopt these smart water approaches get an intelligent system that is interconnected and instrumented; allowing real-time insight and decision making to better improve customer service, asset management and optmisation of cost. IoT water networks have the following features making them more efficient and reduce the risk of wastage and injuries:

  • Instrumented

Use high-tech instruments for detection, sensing, measuring, and recording data of the water system. It can minimise loss and optimise the performance of the water systems.

  • Interconnected

The interconnection of the water system helps with communication and interaction with system operators along with the managers.

  • Intelligent

The water system using IoT can analyze the situations and respond quickly. The optimised troubleshooting solutions using intelligent systems offer effective results.

Armed with the latest information, water utility managers can make more informed decisions about their water network. Water utilities in Australia and New Zealandcan now automate tasks and eliminate the possibility of human errors.

Importance Of Valve Condition Data

Assessment of the valve condition is necessary for smart water management systems. The assessment services include inspecting the valve, check its operation, and detect the mechanical condition along with the operational reliability of the main values of the water system. This is critical in times of water main breaks and water main bursts; allowing more rapid rectification and minimising the consequence and damage.

Valve condition assessment data canprovide information on the operational status of the assets, which includes residual life, repair or rehabilitation required. Using the best-in-class assessment technologies, the reputed platform can offer in-depth information that will help achieve the following goals:

  • Reduce the risk of injuries the field staff may suffer when unexpected accidents occur with the valves. It is always a good idea to go with such options.
  • Make the employees feel safe and boost their confidence with the report stating the good, working condition of the valve, its easy accessibility, and the low time required for completing repair works.
  • Reduce the impact of a network outage or water main burst. Also, bring down the customer interruption duration when any of major events occur.
  • Get accurate insights and intelligence beforehand regarding the status of the valves. The information can help managers make the right decision to avoid any mishaps.

Employees working in the water utilities need to feel safe. A comprehensive valve condition assessment project is one such safety program making the workplace safe by eliminating the risk of accidents. With the assessment program, the field teams can enhance their safety due to the low risk of injuries.

A structured valve assessment program offered by a reputed and trusted water network management solutions provider can help identify and rectify any discrepancies existing in the smart water systems. The assessment aids in improving the performance of the water networks. Achieving increased operational reliability is possible with assistance from valve condition inspection specialists.

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