Stainway Financials – Award winner in customer service in 2019

Stainway Financials – Award winner in customer service in 2019

Stainway Financials has achieved yet another important feat, something that has become a norm since its establishment in 2015. Just recently, the firm was announced as an Award Winner in Customer Service in 2019. If you know this firm very well, you will agree that it is an award well-deserved. For a firm that has recovered assets worth millions of dollars for victims of online scams, it is normal to bag different awards frequently. However, this customer service award is of significant interest because it shows that the company is ready to compete in this 21st century.

The importance of quality customer service to any firm cannot be overstated. Aside from helping companies to retain their clients to extract more value from them, it helps companies to reduce client acquisition cost. That is so because satisfied clients will likely provide testimonials and reviews that may just be enough to convince a prospective client. Also, such clients can go the length to refer new clients to the firm.

Stainway Financials has benefitted from such practice because every of its client gets their desired result and satisfaction. That will not be possible without the role played by the customer service representatives. In the remaining part of this article, you will find out what makes Stainway Financials’ customer service exceptional.

Respect for Clients’ Time

Everyone loves it when you respect their time. One of the unique qualities of Stainway Financials’ customer service reps is their respect for clients’ time. They respond to clients almost immediately, irrespective of the media of communication. Such media of communication include emails, calls, and the contact form on their website. Mind you, the quick response can be the determinant factor in asset recovery cases.

The reps use their expertise, as well as leverage the expertise of their partner attorneys and investigators to provide quality service to clients in little or no time. The firm makes attending to client’s queries the utmost priority of all customer service reps.

Attention to Details

Stainway Financials’ customer service reps pay attention to details that clients provide in their queries or inquiries. It is one of the reasons they are able to provide quality service to these clients. On many occasions, the firm has been able to recover millions of dollars for victims because of this practice. During training, the reps are taught about the importance of listening and paying attention to details. These reps learn to provide listening ears to clients so that they can understand the pain points of clients.

Expertise and Experience

When it comes to recruiting customer service representatives in Stainway Financials, efforts are made to always land the best talents out there. The firm ensures that their reps are well-trained and experienced. Reps need a level of technical know-how, in addition to general customer service skills to resolve clients’ issues on time. Apart from being intelligent and empathetic, the reps have integrity and optimistic warmth and are knowledgeable in work ethics.

To ensure the reps offer quality customer service to victims of online fraud, the firm provides on-the-job training for the reps regularly. Not only that, but the reps are also exposed to modern approaches, strategies, and ideas to deliver out-of-the-box customer service to clients.


Stainway Financials has done an excellent job with its customer service department in recent years. It is expected that the firm will continue to do so, especially now that other firms are beginning to realize the importance of the department to business success. Most likely, it will be reflected in the 2020 awards.

Clare Louise