Steps During the Process of Building a Custom Home

Steps During the Process of Building a Custom Home

Many people fulfill a dream by building a custom home. With custom building, you will design and select many of the elements that go into your home, which isn’t true when buying an existing one. The custom building process consists of many steps, each of which happens in a well-planned sequence. Everyone’s experience will be unique, but they all will have to go through these common steps.

1. Your Dream

Every custom home starts with a dream. You will begin gathering ideas for how you want it to look and what sort of unique characteristics fit with your lifestyle, like the architectural styles and the number of rooms. Some of this may need to change depending on the site you end up choosing. Once you have ideas, you will need to find a team in Salt Lake City of builders, architects, and potentially an interior designer to help carry out the project. This is also where you determine if it is a financially feasible project and put together a budget. It is a good idea to include a little extra budget as you can expect surprises to occur once construction has started.

2. Location

Elements such as placement, views, and existing landscape impact the site of your custom home in Salt Lake City. As you determine what is financially possible, you will find potential locations. Real estate agents are a great resource too to find sites. After finding the location that fits your budget and dream, finalize the financing for your site purchase and custom home construction. It is important to know that construction loans are different from mortgages.

3. Design

Now that you have your team, site, and funding, you can move ahead with your home design in Salt Lake City. For many people, this is the fun part. You get to custom design your home. Other people may be a little overwhelmed, but try not to rush the design process, as you can avoid potential future problems.

4. Construction

When you are finished designing and have your building permit, then you are ready to begin construction. It’s an exciting time because you get to see your dream become a reality through this custom process. The majority of design decisions and selections should already be made.

5. Moving in

You will do a final walkthrough with your builder to make sure everything is completed. It is a good idea to document the details in case of the unlikely event that something in your home needs attention. Then you can move in. Moving can be a stressful event, but take the time to look at all the hard work you put into making your dream home in Salt Lake City become a reality.

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