Strategic Digital Marketing Guidelines During The Coronavirus Crisis

Strategic Digital Marketing Guidelines During The Coronavirus Crisis

In today’s business arena it can be a very scary and tense time. However, there are ways that can benefit the small business and brands out there that are not giving up because they believe in their business and they believe in their customers. They are key digital marketing with COVID-19 that can be explored.

One of the most critical is not to let your brand or business be hidden on the internet. Using this time to center around making your website, business domain, and what you offer using search engine optimization also known as SEO is paramount. With most of the country and world on lockdown, many people are surfing the web, searching, and looking into things they normally may not do.

Digital marketing while COVID-19 is on a rampage can also lead to meaningful contact with your customers. It does not hurt to put up on your social media platform that you are there and that you do care. Trying to team up with non-profits to help out actually helps with getting you seen and heard right now because people want to see the good side of this pandemic and the human side of a business.

There is also something to be said that making your product or service discounted in a time of need will help with cash flow and create a customer/seller bond. You can always do pay per click advertising to accomplish this and this again shows the human side of a brand or business. Creating a connective atmosphere with your customers via discounting, reaching out via social media, and showing you care always bottom line helps a business.

Another factor is that when this is over and it will be over get ready for the rush on services and products. This is a great time to ensure that your website, your selling platform, and all the in’s and out’s are taking care of and updated if needed. This may be a time to get in contact with your suppliers and make sure you can at least meet the demand head-on.

This is the time to finish up anything digitally you have wanted to do but maybe have put off. This is also a great time to think out of the box, think of new ways your brand can connect with your customer’s, how can you provide your service to your customers, there are many small restaurant business’s that are letting customers know that they can still drive-thru and get served and touchless delivery services. In this way, you can think of how you could serve your customers.

One of the last items is do not panic. When making a choice rely on analytics of core data. This is not the time to fall apart and in the world of digital marketing doing something out of panic is absolutely the wrong idea. Have a calm, even approach to how the decisions are going to be made for your brand or business.

In closing the best digital marketing while COVID-19 is still out in the world is to take a dedicated, heartfelt, customer-centric, calm, and thinking outside of the box approach. There are many individuals that are in need of products or services your brand or business may be offering the trick is to become relevant and to stand out on the internet. This can be done through advertising, putting out inspirational and thought-provoking items on your social media. The fact is that making business to keep revenue flowing just takes a human touch and compassion.            


Nicholas Jansen