Surprising Things That You Can Repurpose

Surprising Things That You Can Repurpose

Before disposing of items that you no longer need, see if they can still be repurposed. Repurposing lets you turn any object into something useful, which may not be intended for its original use, but can still be useful. With creativity and a little work, you will be surprised at the things that you can do with the items that would have ended up in the garbage bin.

Turn your dead fridge into a cooler

It’s the perfect addition to your yard. Lay the refrigerator on its back, so the doors are facing up. Install pallet wood around it so that it looks like a rustic barrel box. Put ice cubes in the freezer part where you can chill drinks and fruits. Use the bottom part of the fridge as a storage for other things like condiments, chips, candies, and other snacks. When closed, it can also serve as a table.

Make a chalkboard sign out of an old folding chair

Your loose and broken folding chair may no longer be safe for sitting on, but you can turn it into a unique chalkboard sign. Attach a chalkboard on the seat, and you have an instant chalkboard sign. It’s perfect for welcoming guests when there are special events or if you have a restaurant or are selling food items; you can use this to list your menu or available products for the day.

Use a sweater as a lampshade

That old sweater that may have shrunk in the washer still has a use. Pull part of it over your lampshade to determine what you’ll need. Cut as necessary, leaving enough room to secure it on the edges by folding and adding glue. It will minimize too much brightness from the lamp, giving you that soft, relaxing glow.

Create your DIY headboard

Your big old picture frame still has a use, as you can turn this into your very own headboard. You will also need other items such as plywood, egg carton foam, quilt batting, and fabric. Cut the plywood so it will fit on the frame, then upholster it using your other materials. Once done, attach the picture frame to the upholstered plywood and use it as your headboard.

Plant using your salad bowl

Your old wooden salad bowl may no longer look presentable in the kitchen or the dining table, but you can turn it into something useful in your garden or patio. Attach table legs to the bottom of the bowl so it will stand higher from the ground. Plant the greens of your choice like succulents. It will make the area more refreshing.

Repurposing items can give you a sense of achievement and pride as you are able to accomplish something. It’s also a way to save money since you create things that you need instead of buying them. Plus, you get to help save the environment. For items that can no longer be repurposed, dispose of them properly through a company offering junk removal in West Palm Beach. This is ideal if you have recently had a home clean up or makeover.

Nicholas Jansen