Taking Your Temperature With A Thermal Scanner

Taking Your Temperature With A Thermal Scanner

In these uncertain times it’s important to utilize the advancements in technology and medicine we have seen over the past few decades. Things are more innovative than ever with medicine and proper tools for the job. One of the most interesting devices is a thermal scanner in which hospitals are now utilizing more to ensure the safety of others and give an accurate reading of who is sick and entering the facility. The thermal camera first locks on to someone’s face and then it detects the heat accordingly, starting with the outside of the face and working inwards to the warmest point. From there, hospitals can achieve an accurate reading of everyone’s body temperature before they enter the building.

The advantages of the thermal body temperature scanner include the ability to effectively isolate individuals who may be running a temperature. This isn’t to say that they are treated as patients with Coronavirus, but they are placed away from others for further examination to ensure that they aren’t sick and spreading the illness while in the waiting room and other areas of the hospital. With the new and innovative thermal body temperature scanner, it will give hospitals and even businesses the proper tools to detect people with fevers which is indicative of an underlying contagious illness. It’s small strides like taking someone’s temperature rapidly that will contribute to the increased recovery rate and overall flattening of the curve. If you run a fever under one of these scanners a glaring alarm won’t go off and you won’t be treated like a monster.

Everyone gets fevers for many different reasons, and with summer approaching it is possible that there might be people who are hot but not running a fever. The technology will evolve with time and become more accurate, ensuring the capacity for increased control over the virus. The main advantage of identifying a fever quickly is that you are able to isolate and treat the individuals before they can potentially spread the illness to others in busy quarters. A scanner has been placed within Memorial Hermann-Texas Medical Center. Two other temperature scanners two are at the Susan and Fayez Sarofim Pavilion. Many people come in and out of hospitals on a daily basis as you can imagine, which is why the temperature checking stations have been designed with social distancing in mind. Originally, body temperatures were scanned manually at the entrance. This took around ten employees to accurately and efficiently check the resting body temperature of individuals before they gained access to the proper care they needed.

Now with the implementation of advanced thermal detection technology they are able to effectively use their time for more pressing matters in the fight against Covid-19. Athena is the security company in charge of the production and distribution of these thermal devices, and they have freed up much time from the hospital staff. This is because previously they had to sanitize the thermometers between uses for thousands of people over the week. This is simply too much for a hospital that is already overwhelmed with increased cases.

Athena has also developed within the design framework of the scanners a setting to accurately detect any foreign objects or devices that someone may be carrying. This combination of functions increases the overall safety of the hospitals, especially during times of civil unrest where places are getting looted right and left. These extra safety and security measures are intended to be as non-intrusive as possible, and will eventually be more commonplace as they are integrated more effectively into the hospital networks.

Paul Petersen