THC lube to spice up your love life

THC lube to spice up your love life

Amazing products are available to spice up your love life and lube is one of them. It’s simply amazing to use it to make your valentine day even more special or just add a little blessing to your capitalistic holiday with your love. THC lube can be the best product to get an unusual and amazing experience whilst staying safe. However, since cannabis use is a bit under complication and a big question in most of the countries, people often ignore such amazing product. A correct lube is essential for a satisfied sex so don’t just ignore what a THC lube can do.

What to look in a good lube?

A lube is a personal choice of couples where they can have their own personal preference and reasons to use. Lube can be right fit for personal lubrication, masturbation or for partnered sex and even with sex toys. So, you must know what all goes in lube or what makes a good lube? 

The thumb rule is that it should not be synthetic as nobody would like to put something harmful on their sensitive area, right. Women especially should be more careful is they use lube as the mucous membrane of the vagina is more likely to get affected by such lube products having synthetic ingredients. So, check for any such ingredients while buying a THC lube.

What does THC lube do?

The big question about THC lube is doing they actually work? Are they healthy? It is known that CBD and THC have medicinal benefits as it include anti-anxiety properties. They reduce or lower the pain, stress, anxiety and even depression in people. Its pain relieving properties are actually beneficial to get relief from inflammation, vaginal dryness and pain during penetration. Increased sensation, blood flow and relaxed muscles are few more benefits of using THC lube.

However, the way you use them can affect your sexual health differently. 

Will I feel high using it?

No, THC lube actually don’t get you high but can make you feel localized high when the blood flow increases in capillaries through vasodilatation thus increasing sensitivity. Moreover, the effects also depend on how you take it. You can even ingest some of them changing the metabolizing making you feel high. However, before you buy THC lube make sure that it is edible. 

Will it give immediate effect?

Its effect will be visible after 30seconds of applying or it make take few more seconds. If you see no or less effect reapply the lube, however, if you see any negative reaction then immediately discontinues its use. 

Where can I get THC lube?

Online stores are best to buy variety of lubes that may not be available in physical medical store. Get it online but make sure that your country has legalized its use. In U.S it is legal in only 10 states for medical purposes. Few states where it is legal are Maine, Michigan, Colorado, Oregon, California, Washington and Nevada. 

So, get the THC lube and get rid of vaginal dryness and increase lubrication. 


Paul Petersen