The 5 Major Types Of Printing Services

The 5 Major Types Of Printing Services

Suppose you are one of those people who are new to printing in Toronto. Then this guide can help you in getting the idea of the best print shop Toronto services available. Being new to this industry and the concept of the print factory concept might create an illusion in your mind. But with this post, you can get them all cleared.

There are many various printing services available. All of these services have their advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, we have listed the five primary printing services available. Some of the printing services are best for lower volumes, and some are good for higher volumes. Now, let’s have a look at the best print shop Toronto services.

Five Major Types Of Printing Services In Toronto

1. Digital Printing:

The digital printing method is becoming popular day by day. It is gaining immense popularity because of its excellent results. The printing method tends to generate high-quality outputs and is a speedy printing process too.

2. Offset Printing:

This popular method is known as the offset lithography printing method. It is one of the best choices for high volume prints as it generates quality output in that range. This type of procedure uses the plates. These plates are run through the water and then ink.

3. Flexography

This is one of the most popular methods through which grocery plastic bags are labeled. This type of printing method is versatile and can print on various bases. This type of printing method uses flexible relief plates that are easily stuck to printing cylinders.

4. Screen Printing

Screen printing is also known as silk screening. It is recognized as the most versatile type of print factory which provides universal print bases and formulation. Screen printing can be used on various materials.

5. Gravure Printing:

This type of printing is very similar to gravure printing. It is an excellent choice of printing services, and high volume materials can easily be generated with this type of printing methods. This printing method uses paper and ink with direct touch.


So these are the significant types of print factory services in Toronto. Ensure you pick the best services for your printing business to serve your clients with quality work and prices. Also, make sure that digital printing services are at type these days, hence focusing on them to generate the best output.

Paul Petersen