The Age of Artificial Intelligence: The Future is Here

The Age of Artificial Intelligence: The Future is Here

Machine learning is nothing new, yet we are much further down the road than was predicted; Deep Mind’s supercomputer, AlphaGo, beat the 18 times world Go champion, Mr. Lee Sedol by 4 games to 1. This means we have the ability to train computers to learn and the more data we give them, the better they will become at making decisions.

The Dangers of Artificial Intelligence

Many tech gurus warn that AI might be the last invention mankind ever makes, and there does need to be some form of regulation to try to control something that is infinitely smarter than its creator. Some say the answer lies in programming the AI never to harm humanity in any way, which would eliminate the risk of the machines deciding to eliminate humanity, which is the only species that destroys its own habitat.

The Benefits

The potential benefits that AI can bring to the table are almost limitless; driverless vehicles controlled by AI using the global platform called the ‘Internet of Things’, which will be powered by 5G. In the field of medicine, AI is already being used in numerous ways; AI can accurately diagnose using X-Ray images, while there are robots that perform delicate brain surgery and when the 5G rollout is compete, every single digital device will be connected and managed by AI.

Modern Medical Equipment

Many of the state-of-the-art scanners we use today can be managed by AI and with specialist services like final mile delivery from Rhenus High Tech, MRI scanners are located and configured ready for use. To train a scanner, for example, is merely a question of setting the variables then feeding hundreds of thousands of images into the machine, which will learn from day 1. In the US, a team of AI coders created a machine that can diagnose X-Ray images and it is more accurate than the best doctor.

Driverless Vehicles

Of course, one would be reluctant to sit in a vehicle with no human driver, yet there are already such vehicles on the road and the IoT will be the platform that every vehicle will be connected to, and, of course, the grid will be managed by AI. In theory, there will be zero accidents, as no vehicle will be allowed to get too close to another, although this remains to be seen and there will no doubt be teething troubles with driverless vehicles. Click here for information on how technology can benefit your business.

Design & Manufacture

AI will play a crucial role in product design, while robotics will take over manufacturing, which is already happening in developed countries. 3D printing enables us to create anything and watch it materialise in front of our very eyes; as AI develops, expect to see new and innovative designs and methods of achieving goals, all powered my machine learning.

There is even talk of merging AI with the human conscious; something being pioneered by Elon Musk, who fully expects AI to improve our lives in so many ways.


Nicholas Jansen