The Benefits of a SME Phone System for your Business in 2020

   The Benefits of a SME Phone System for your Business in 2020


Customer experience is key for every growth focused business. The quality of the experience extended to existing and prospective clients over the phone could be a huge differentiator for you to secure an extra edge over competitors. Therefore, for small but growing businesses, investing in the right SME phone system is imperativeBusiness phone systems are no longer built to serve the singular purpose of making or receiving calls. With advanced technology capabilities, SME phone systems are the future. Their unified communication systems enable employees to communicate through multiple channels – from phone, to text, to video. Additionally, the latest SME phone systems include a wealth of features such as Interactive Voice Response (IVR), predictive dialing, call routing and other CRM focused integrations. These systems also offer unmatched levels of analytics which maximises communications and delivers actionable insights thereby making it much simpler for sales staff to liaise with customers.

The communication ecosystem has grown exponentially in the last few years producing a wide range of options to choose from. Owing to this, making the right choice for your business can be a confusing and difficult exercise. This robust SME phone system supports a suite of secure voice, video and collaboration applications and out-of-the-box mobility options. A product of the ICT leader, NEC, this phone system brings together technology and expertise true to its company’s core values to create a unique communication experience.

How can your business benefit from the NEC Univerge SV9100?

With continued growth, your business is likely to outgrow personal phone lines. Whether you are seeking advanced calling or collaboration features for your workforce, upgrading to a small business phone system like SV9100 makes work and life easier. Here are a few ways it can benefit a business.

Saves you time and money

The SV9100 delivers reliable and cost effective communications as its easily configured and integrates seamlessly with existing IT networks. Further, this SME phone system empowers you with advanced features that are more superior and affordable as compared to traditional PBX systems.

Encompasses all features

On switching to a business phone system like the SV9100, you will find that your business communications have been simplified. You will enjoy several advantages of consolidating your communications such as advanced call management features with the MyCalls suite of applications and an exclusive multimedia contact centre which creates a stellar experience for customers via coordinated email, live web chat, WhatsApp and voice via a single interface.

The modern business phone system will be your one stop shop which will allow you to easily integrate with the tools you already use. You will gain access to new features which consumer phone lines simply cannot match. For instance, the quick and easy InReports which provides round the clock monitoring and analysis of all company communications.

Helps you stay connected anytime, anywhere

A business phone system allows you to from anywhere without being concerned about hardware. The SV9100 is designed to help you look after your team and business continuity under all circumstances. It works perfectly as a home office VoIP phone system. Therefore, home workers can benefit from all system features and remain connected in a hassle free manner.

No matter where you are, this smart mobility option assists you in communicating on the road with your smartphone, on your premises or at larger sites with Wi-Fi headsets that provide continuous roaming. This level of flexibility is key for your business to thrive.

Keeps your sensitive information private

Using one’s personal phone for business is never recommended because it puts privacy and data at risk.

Plus, sharing personal numbers with clients can greatly compromise work life balance, since they can contact you anytime, anywhere even when you take some much needed downtime. An SME phone system does not divulge personal contact information and provides a higher degree of control over your own schedule.

Enables you to project a professional image

Employees at a small business are likely to be multitasking. In spite of the fast paced work environment, it is imperative that daily operations are professional especially when they involve customer interfacing. An SME phone system is a powerful tool to help with just that! The SV9100 can route calls swiftly and accurately, set up automated assistants and use high-quality voicemail and call notifications. Collectively, these features have the ability to keep track of all customers’ needs thereby helping your project succeed.

A business phone system such as the NEC Univerge SV9100 helps your communication needs keep pace with your growing business. It compliments your business needs and provides you the much needed flexibility, security and comfort. In parallel, it empowers the company employees with the latest features to stay connected and work towards achieving greater heights!


Edward Powell