The Benefits of a Tour Guide System

The Benefits of a Tour Guide System

A tour guide system uses a hands free microphone and headset combination to transmit audio from one speaker to several listeners at once. It is the ideal solution for leading a group tour through a space that is too loud to hear clearly, such as a factory, or a space that is intended to be used quietly, such as a library.

It also makes those with hearing impairments better able to partake in the experience. There are several benefits to using a system like this. Here are a few of them, below.

Top 5 Benefits of a Tour Guide System

  1. The two-way system allows for the tour guide to transmit audio to the attendees, as well as allowing the attendees to speak with the tour guide during the presentation.
  2. The system is hands-free so there’s no holding on to a microphone or carrying around a large speaker for all to hear.
  3. The microphone and headset systems have options that allow for an attendee to let everyone in the group hear their comment or question, or just the tour guide.
  4. There is also the option for one-way capability so that the tour guide is able to transmit audio to the attendees, but the attendees cannot use the system to communicate with the tour guide.
  5. This system provides high quality audio with durable, strong, reliable devices.

Host a Better Tour

Using a tour guide system for your organization not only minimizes voice strain for the tour guide, but also makes it easier for the entire group to hear what is said by the speaker.

This makes hosting larger groups a breeze so you can maximize your availability during a busy time of year. Try it today and we doubt that you’ll be disappointed.

Edward Powell