The Best Choices in Beauty

The Best Choices in Beauty

We have at our birth a beauty capital that we must preserve. Our face is the part of the body to which we pay the most attention and care and plants have virtues that we would be wrong to neglect for the beauty of our skin.

Rose, mulberry, blueberry, here we are happily plunging back into our grandmother’s cupboard with her plants to be infused, her floral rose water, her captivating scents of flowers which provide our skin with incredible well-being.

Today, herbal medicine has established itself in cosmetology and the plant world is now very important in scientific research to develop quality natural and organic cosmetics. Many laboratories are dedicated to the study of the virtues of plants to extract the active molecules beneficial to our beauty. In this case you can use iHerb and there you can make use of the Extra 5% with iHerb Discount Code NZ now.

Some precious plants for the beauty of the skin:

As much to treat skin disorders as to maintain the beauty and radiance of the skin, plants in the form of infusions, vegetable oils or essential oils, are sovereign:

The Rosehip whose regular use of its oil rejuvenates the skin, is a sovereign wrinkle and effectively acts on puffiness and dark circles. The vitamins and nutrients in rosehip help fight skin aging, smoothen the eyelids, and soften and tone the skin.

  • The hawthorn is slightly astringent finds many uses in cosmetics particularly in oily creams.
  • The burdock   which is a component of creams has nourishing and balancing properties.
  • The chamomile calming properties that are destined especially for fragile and sensitive skin to the elements.
  • The marshmallow, externally, has soothing properties that make it a real beauty product for dry skin.

The balm refreshing is now cultivated for its essential oil with a pleasant citrus scent and soothing and tonic properties. Thanks to its properties, it constitutes an interesting component for the elaboration of various beauty products. Use the 5% uk iherb promo code in this case.

  • The carrot that contains a powerful antioxidant, beta carotene, helps to fight against the effects of aging.
  • The lemon, antioxidant, proves to be a quite effective anti-wrinkle natural.
  • The jasmine provides oil that softens, moisturizes and nourishes the skin. It regulates oily-prone skin and soothes sensitive, dry-prone skin.
  • The calendula protects, soothes, hydrates the skin and is particularly suitable for dry and sensitive skin.


  • The wild pansy, removes toxins and helps keep beautiful skin. It is recommended in case of acne.

The rosemary tightens the tissue and tones tired skin. This plant prevents and treats fine lines and wrinkles.

Operation beautiful skin

Do you want a pretty peach complexion? To remove the gray face of winter and repair the aggressions of the cold, pamper your skin with targeted care and a 5-step action plan:

  1. Cleanse: in the evening to rid your skin of impurities and in the morning to refresh and clarify it.
  2. Rinse: favor purifying treatments based on plant active ingredients that cleanse without harming. Once a week or so, scrub to exfoliate dead cells and even out your complexion. To decongest, dilate the pores and rid your skin of the last impurities which clutter it you can apply lukewarm compresses.
  3. Tone up: with cold water if your tap water is not too hard. If necessary, you can use a toilet vinegar or a floral water (slightly astringent rose water; calming lime blossom and chamomile; invigorating witch hazel and which tightens the pores; softening mallow flowers which fight against dryness.)
  4. Moisturize and nourish: by applying an organic cream that contains natural plant extracts to protect it from external and climatic aggressions and to nourish it especially at the end of winter.


5) Balancing : it is the evening gesture that promotes cell regeneration and provides them with nutritious and beneficial elements contained in plants.

David Lockhart