The Best Deals on Honda Models

The Best Deals on Honda Models

Based in Japan, Honda has become synonymous with innovation, quality, and ultimate luxury in the automobile industry. Everyone who is anyone knows Honda and is aware of its credibility and prefers it over other automobile brands. Whether you are buying your first car or gifting one to your kid as their college going-away present, we have shortlisted some of the best lease deals for trendy Honda models.

Honda HR-V

Honda has marketed this model as the crossover model since it has the appearance of an SUV, but you can still glimpse a sports car in its exterior (honeycomb grille and sporty wheels) and features. Some might go as far as saying that this model is an epitome of versatility and can match with different personality types from an office worker to a student and plenty more easily.

Its Magic Seat at the back can be transformed into different modes for cargo transport. Not only this, Honda has further added an automatic climate control that works comes to life with a human touch. The tech support is further enhanced with the addition of an Intelligence Control System, Apple CarPLay, and Real-Time AWD. This model is the perfect amalgam of versatility, convenience, and innovation and you will be missing out if you don’t consider it for your next ride.

The best Honda HR-V lease deal in the market can start from as little as $252 per month with an initial payment of $2247 and in 3 years, you’ll be able to claim undisputed ownership of a $26,956 car.

Honda Fit

Just as the name suggests, this model is fit in its style but luxurious in its features. Honda has been dabbling with crossover designs and is challenging it’s the boundaries of traditional designs for years and this model seems to be the result of their one of many successful experiments. Honda Fit’s compact design might make you think less of its cargo and seating space, but you are in for a surprise. It offers 52 cubic feet of space for cargo and a spacious seating arrangement for 5 people.

Honda’s trademarked second-row Magic Seat comes in handy to make room for tall and long objects because of its 60/50 room. Convenience and space are not the only highlight feature of this model since the car is equipped with a Display Audio touchscreen that offers you complete connectivity with your smart devices.

Since Fit’s MSRP is as low as $16,190 then you can expect to pay $210 monthly for the next 36 months with no initial and signing dues to own a Honda Fit lease.

Honda Jazz
Honda Jazz is a model made for people who demand perfection in every aspect of their car’s design. It has a seating arrangement that is marketed as best-in-class and the soft and plush interior entertains the aesthetic and luxurious inclinations of the consumers in check

The best Honda Jazz lease deal in the market starts from $184 and if you pay your installments on time then within a couple of years, you’ll own a car worth $24,421 easily.

Wrapping Up:

Knowing what’s best in the market can help you in your extended research and help you make the best buy in no time.

Nicholas Jansen