The Best ID Card Accessories

The Best ID Card Accessories

Identity card accessories up the functionality, efficiency and overall safety of your building or workplace. They are so fantastic because, at minimal cost, they are able to streamline the way in which staff or personnel access a building, office or leisure space. This saves time and ensures ease for both the carrier and the reading system, so no matter which ID card accessory you choose, it’s going to be well worth the small investment. There are a couple of options out there when it comes to making a selection, and they all come with their unique benefits…

Card Holders

Plastic card holders are perfect for protecting cards from everyday wear and tear, and for attaching them to other ID card accessories. You can choose from flexible or rigid card holders, depending on the nature of your working environment. Flexible holders will be great for offices or leisure centres, where rigorous use is unlikely. A warehouse, building site or a corporate setting that does not plan on using any other card accessories are going to be more suited to a rigid holder. The solid backing will protect cards at the bottom of bags or in pockets, as well as from harsh chemicals or environments. You can also choose holders that can carry multiple cards, which is perfect if your staff have to carry proof of training or additional access cards.

Lapels, Clips or Pins

Lapels, clips or pins are a fantastic, very low-cost way of displaying ID cards in a simple fashion. An identity card in a holder can be clipped to staff members’ outerwear or clothing, keeping their identity on display for the whole day. Your building might be high security, meaning continuous presentation of IDs might be very necessary, however, a lap clip or pin doesn’t allow for a scanning or mechanic reading system. Choose this method if your security system is staffed.


A high quality, tightly woven lanyard is a great solution for flexible ID card presentation. These can be worn around the neck, minimising misplaced or damaged cards and cutting costs of having to print new ones. Lanyards also make it possible to remove identity cards very easily, which is handy when they don’t need to be worn or if someone needs to take a closer look. Cards can be easily scanned, removed and accessed at all times – very handy! You can get lanyards that are printed with signifiers such as “staff” “visitor” or “security” to increase the visual organisation of a large workplace. Some providers also offer customisable lanyards, so you can get your logo or brand colours out there for a little free marketing when your staff members are out and about!

Badge Reels

Retractable badge reels are great for bustling, high-pressure environments such as health centres or airports. A reel can be attached to the hip or chest, presenting a card at all times whilst also making it possible to scan or tap the ID to allow access or track time. This is a great compromise between a lapel and a lanyard, so if you’re feeling torn this might be the option for you. Badge reels are a favourite for high-security environments, because of their ease and efficiency.

Any one of these options is going to increase the security in your professional environment. Just be sure to make your selection in relation to your business size and your safety needs. ID card holders are a fantastic place to start, and all other accessories are only going to take their functionality to the next level!




David Lockhart