The Best Production Set-up for Video Marketing- 4 tips that actually work

The Best Production Set-up for Video Marketing- 4 tips that actually work

Video production on a small-scale is easier than it has ever been, thanks to the boom in technology we’ve seen over the past ten years and the relevancy of YouTube. The integration of the Internet and personal video has come full circle and made it incredibly simple for anyone with a video camera to put on a production of a variety of sizes.While smaller-scale productions are usually less reliable in terms of quality, achieving a high- quality, high-end video production on a small budget is certainly doable.This is good news for a small or start-up video production company. While still keeping overhead low, you can get video producing cameras and equipment that will allow you to produce videos that are a cut above what people are filming with their iPhones.Here’s what to look for to get the optimal video production setup:

Best DSLR Camera

There’s a lot that should be considered when buying a DSLR camera for videography purposes.Will you be shooting indoors or outdoors? What’s your budget? What kind of lens or field of view do you want? If you’re just looking for a good camera at a decent budget DSLR Video Shooter recommends the Canon T3i as the best budget option.

Lighting and Backgrounds

If you’re looking for basic lighting and background equipment, it’s easy to find for under $200 at Amazon or eBay. You’ll be able to find a pretty decent range of equipment in several different price ranges, depending on what you’re comfortable spending.

It doesn’t hurt to spend a little more here since good lighting and backdrops can make a huge difference when it comes to the quality and overall presentation of your video. A good video help you to get more YouTube views, so it is essential to shoot high-quality videos.Should you be looking to produce on even a semi-professional level, this is something you’ll want to invest in.

Home Studio

In addition to the equipment already mentioned, adding a few more pieces will give you what you need to set up your home studio.A workable computer with video editing software like Apple Final Cut or Adobe Premier would give you far more capabilities as a producer and give people extra incentive to pay you, both for shooting and editing a video.If you have a Mac, they’re well-equipped for video editing out of the box with software like iMovie, though the extra software does give you a much more powerful tool to work with.Add the office basics of a desk, filing system and possibly a few more backgrounds and you’ve completed your home production studio.

What you can do by yourself

Most of what the typical client would ask of you can be accomplished in your home studio.Small-scale productions like short commercials, product reviews, video podcasts, how-to or DIY videos, or even viral videos are all easy to turn out with the equipment mentioned. Larger-scale projects might need to be outsourced to professional companies, but make no mistake: there’s a lot you can do on your own.

With the right equipment and some trial and error with the video editing software, an amateur production company is capable of more than you might think.

David Lockhart