The best reference material for English Board Exam

The best reference material for English Board Exam

Class 6 is considered to be a significant year in the students’ lives as they face the main exam. Students of Class 6 are often in a dilemma about how to choose the right reference materials or books. NCERT books are hugely popular among students since they present tough concepts in simple language, as well as in a very descriptive way. These solutions will encourage students to gain the confidence to answer all kinds of questions. It will also make them retain the concepts, in the long run, that is the key from an exam perspective. To improve their reasoning skills, students can refer to the NCERT book. If students want to score more, English experts are suggested to stick with NCERT books. These books are proven best for their quality content and hence, act as a key to their success.

The NCERT books have several types of questions such as multiple-choice questions, concise answer types of questions and long answer types of questions; this helps students learn how to manage time in their exams. The exercises present in NCERT Solutions for Class 6 English consist of two levels, according to the increasing order of difficulties. By solving the challenging questions contained in the exercises, students will be thorough in crucial topics provided in the syllabus. Students can refer to previous question papers after they complete the entire syllabus, which will help in quick revision before the exam.


After every exercise of NCERT Solutions, there are final answers for those questions, which intensify the answering ability among the students and help them to evaluate their knowledge base. The detailed explanation of each question in the exercise helps students comprehend the concepts accurately. As Class 6 is the stepping stone to Class 7, students will learn most of the new concepts in this grade only. Hence, the students of Class 7 should refer to NCERT Solutions for Class 7 English to grasp all concepts entirely.

Advantages of using NCERT Books

  • NCERT books concentrate on providing a descriptive illustration of every concept contained in the CBSE syllabus.
  • The main aim of these books is to make English easier for students and assist them in succeeding in their upcoming exams.
  • It provides a large number of graded exercises for practice, along with an algorithmic approach.
  • At the end of each chapter, it has a brief summary consisting of concepts for quick revision during exam time.
  • These books mainly frame most of the questions according to model question papers, which builds confidence level among the students.

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