The Best Way to Store Items in a Self-Storage Unit

The Best Way to Store Items in a Self-Storage Unit

Whether you need a mini storage, a unit large enough for an entire home, or something in between, you’ll want to get the most out of the space you’re paying for.

You’ll also want to keep your items in good shape and avoid breakage, and proper placement in storage facilities is essential to allow you to access various spaces without knocking things over. Here are some self-storage tips for success.

Use Uniformly Sized Boxes

While free boxes outside of grocers and such are great for in and out moves, they aren’t ideal for long term storage. The variances in size, shape and stability can leave your storage unit feeling a game of Jenga when you need to access a specific box or space.

By investing in a set of moving boxes of various sizes, they can be stacked neatly and create an organized area that maximizes your space. Be sure to use packing tape, not painter’s tape or duct tape to keep boxes secured tightly while in your mini storage.

Disassemble Furnishings Before Placing Them in Mini Storage

An unofficial rule of thumb for personal storage is to take apart anything that can be easily disassembled for better organization and greater safety of your items.

For example, removing lamp shades can prevent them from getting damaged while being stored. Removing table and chair legs allows them to be stored away neatly while taking up far less space.

Stack Boxes By Size, Fragility and Need for Accessibility

When moving in, do your best to keep an aisle situated near the boxes and items you will likely want to access first.

Make sure that your heaviest boxes are placed on the bottom of stacks, with lighter or fragile packaged items stacked on top to prevent crushing. In general, it’s best to fill your mini storage or large unit along the walls first and move inward towards your aisle area.

David Lockhart