The Cheapest Places To Retire In Florida

The Cheapest Places To Retire In Florida

Okay, so you finally made it to your retirement years and that’s a big accomplishment in itself. You planned and saved your money for years to get to this point but now that it’s here you don’t know where you should live. There are many places that you could choose to live all of the country but you want to pick a place that’s not only affordable but comfortable and entertaining as well. Florida is a great state for retirees to live because it offers a moderate climate with an average summertime heat of about ninety three degrees and an average winter temperature of about fifty degrees. So, if you live in Florida, you won’t have to worry about extreme summer heat or extreme winter time cold temperatures. Florida also has no state income tax which means your social security benefits, IRA income or pension income won’t be tax and since these are the three top things that retiree’s live off of this is great news for your pocket book. Florida also has low housing prices which also makes it an affordable place for retirees to live. When you are living on a fixed income you can’t afford to pay outrageous prices for a home. Florida also is a coastal state that is surrounded by water on three sides which means that no matter where you live in the state you will only be a short drive to the beach with white sand and clear blue water. Being that Florida has so many benefits and attractive qualities for retiree are you will be around like minded people that are just like you. Finding someone around your age that likes to do the same things you like to do won’t be hard. Now that we know why so many flock to Florida to retiree let’s take a look at some of the cheapest places that you can retire in.

City such as Kissimmee that has a population of about seventy thousand residents and an average home price of about two hundred thousand dollars is a cheap and great place to retire. It’s very close to Orlando which is where the Walt Disney theme park is located so tourism has made this little town flourish and the economy is strong. Palm Coast is another cheap and great place for you to retire. The average home price is about two hundred thousand dollars and it’s one of the most beautiful places that you will ever see. The wildlife there is amazing and the beaches are to die for.

Retirement communities are a great idea for retirees. They offer you a safe and secure place to live with amenities that will help you keep a very active lifestyle. You might think that retirement communities are too expensive but Florida retirement community specials are all around if you look for them. When you live in retirement community you will have twenty four hour security in a gated community that will help you feel safe and secure at night. They also offer three meals a day in a dining style cafeteria room so you won’t have to worry about cooking and cleaning up every night. All you have to do is simply walk down to the dining hall and enjoy your dinner. Florida retirement community specials will help you find an affordable community to live in that will fit your budget and your lifestyle. You have worked your entire life to get to your retirement days so you should enjoy them to the fullest.

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