The Difference Between the Best Criminal, Civil, and Family Lawyer

Why do you think we need a criminal defence lawyer in Singapore? Laws are abstract concepts that not many people fully understand. Yet, people who participate in communities are governed by them. Laws are not just rules that limit people’s freedoms. While many of them look restrictive, laws are meant to uphold and enumerate the rights of individuals, entities, and society as a whole. Other times, they help to protect the personal bonds of relatives and civil partnerships.

When individuals (or groups and organisations) find issues with the law, they have to face a complicated and intense legal process that might seem daunting to those who do not understand it. The average individual is unlikely to know how to navigate this system. If they want to tilt the court in their favour, they must be able to hire a criminal, family, or civil lawyer in Singapore.

When you seek an outcome in court, you must know which kind of issue you are disputing in the first place. There are three main types of issues you will face: civil, criminal, or family law. The best criminal lawyer will not solve cases regarding family or civil law, and vice versa. Here is how to differentiate them.

1. Family law

Families are the earliest social unit that people will experience, but not everyone is gifted with an unproblematic one. Disputes and serious issues arising between family members are messy affairs because they can involve personal matters. Since family ties are binding within the law, one needs to tread carefully.

2. Criminal law

Any individual with a criminal law case may or may not have committed actions that threaten to harm the safety of other people or the public. Their issues deal with the violation of people’s safety and the law is intended to protect other individuals in society. A  person charged with criminal law issues may have committed disruptive behaviours such as sexual misconduct, traffic violations, murder, and much more. Only a criminal defence lawyer in Singapore may be able to vouch for you.

3. Civil law

Doing civil law deals with disputes between individuals with individuals, individuals with entities, and entities with entities. As all individuals and registered organisations have rights, the court will ensure that the parties get their rights or perform their responsibilities. The court will seek to find a justifiable solution and may award compensation.

In Singapore, the best criminal lawyer can help you get the most favourable outcome for you. Learn more about how you can partner up with a professional lawyer at Quahe Woo & Palmer when you check out their website.

Paul Petersen