The features you get for GPS tracking With KENT CamEye

The features you get for GPS tracking With KENT CamEye

GPS tracking system has evolved as a one-stop solution to the concerns of vehicle owners. Therefore, the demand for GPS Vehicle trackers has risen remarkably, and people in India are also getting attracted towards it. The primary purpose of using the GPS tracker is to track the location of vehicles, such as delivery trucks, radio taxis, even your chauffeur driven cars. Other than this tracking job, a GPS tracker can bring relief to a lot of on-road problems related to the security of your vehicle.

  1. Remotely keep a check on car’s speedometer

A speeding car, truck or any vehicle, is never safe and a GPS tracker can help in keeping a check on the vehicle’s speed. It can log the speed along with the other trip details. Fleet owners, parents, masters of chauffeur driven car, can be largely benefitted by incorporating this technological device into their car.

  1. Find routes to reach new places

At times, when you are stuck on an unfamiliar road, or to reach a place you have never been to, a GPS tracker can help in the best way. The GPS tracker can help you travel faraway places in India with accurate directions displayed on a map.

  1. Monitoring drivers becomes easy

Being an owner of a chauffeur-driven car or fleet owner, you can keep a watch on your car driven in your absence. A GPS tracker will keep you informed about the places where your driver takes the car. So the control remains in your hand of owners regardless of the fact you are near or far.

  1. Reach to your parked car

Finding your car in the parking lot sometimes becomes a challenge. At such moments nothing could be better than a GPS tracker. No matter there are hundreds or thousands of cars, the device installed in the car can help you locate it without any hassle.

You would come across many options while looking for a GPS tracker, but KENT CamEye with its priceless features has become popular in India. It’s a next-gen vehicle tracker device that uses innovative and smart GPS tracking features to ensure the security of car and safety of passengers. KENT CamEye has been designed and engineered with advanced technology that helps in precise monitoring of the vehicle.

The device remains accessible through a user-friendly mobile application. Every single update of the vehicle is available on the mobile screen in a very interactive manner.

Let’s learn the ways KENT CamEye can help with GPS tracking:

  • Real-time GPS location tracking

Sometimes the car owners have to willingly or unwillingly hand over the keys to someone else, for example to your friend, or chauffeur. But your mind stays with your car while being far away from it. For such problems, KENT CamEye can help in getting peace of mind. The device installed in your car can let you track its locations and movement on the road. So, you remain aware of the places where your car travels to in your absence.

  • Playback the route travelled

By any chance, if you miss the real-time updates, KENT CamEye would provide with the saved data. It offers the playback of the route travelled by car, on your mobile screen. What makes KENT CamEye an ideal device for your car is its dash cam features. The device uses its dual-camera to record the time-lapse video of everything happening inside and outside your car. These recorded data can be watched through the app when required.

  • Analytical data for every trip

Unlike an ordinary GPS tracker, KENT CamEye has many advanced features to offer. It captures important data of each trip including the speed, distance travelled, time is taken, duration of the engine idling, in-cabin noise level, temperature, etc. For easy apprehension, the details are presented analytically through statistics. Fleet owners are especially benefitted with this feature as they get freedom from manual monitoring and analysis task.

  • Smart alerts for smart monitoring

Other than daily statistical report, KENT CamEye keeps you informed about any exigencies or misuse of your on-road vehicle. The device generates alert for over speeding, loud music, breach of the geo-fenced boundary, long-duration engine idling, AC-On in parking condition, etc. Moreover, you get to know when your car starts a trip or end the same. It empowers you to stop the misuse of your car by chauffeurs or someone else driving your car in your absence.

As you can see, using KENT CamEye as GPS tracker goes far beyond just location tracking, and, the security of cars is an added benefit. KENT CamEye has been priced at 17,999/- (MRP 19,999/-) and, a free demo can be availed in numerous cities of India.

Paul Petersen