The importance of imaging and document capture

The importance of imaging and document capture

Imaging and document capture is becoming more and more important for modern businesses who want to protect their documents and move records offsite for increased security, but how is using an information management expert to document capture different from simply scanning and storing yourself? Document capture is a safe and secure way to manage document digitisation to back-up records and files. Your physical files become digital documents. If done expertly, these digital copies can be used as legal original copies. This is a good option for you if you have inefficient paper-based processes with high levels of data entry or have files that require offsite storage but must also remain accessible.

Depending on the size of your business should guide you to which type of imaging and document capture you’ll wish to proceed with. There are simple scan and store options available for smaller amounts of data, as well as advanced document imaging services that offer secure digitisation, data capture & extraction with software for access to & management of your data online for larger amounts of data.

Remember, the strength of a document management system lies in the ability to tie all of your documents together in a protected way. Besides paper documents, you have a large number of important electronic documents. These electronic documents are as important as paper files, and in many cases even more important.

Importing documents is a different process than scanning. However, you can opt-out of importing various electronic records. For example, records in your accounting system may not be imported into your document management system. However, these electronic records are critical to an effective and efficient document management system.

There are two ways to reconcile these records with document management. One way is to connect to an accounting system to extract data from these records. The most common way is to connect the accounting system to the document management system and view the necessary information. Combining high-security protocols with advanced software and hardware helps integrate document archiving and destruction services to provide you with a complete imaging solution. Start today by adding a new level of protection to your company.

David Lockhart