The Importance of Video Marketing

The Importance of Video Marketing

A study by WordStream asserts that the marketers who use video can grow revenue 49% faster than those who don’t focus on video marketing. This has encouraged many businesses to invest in video marketing. In fact, from 2017 to 2024 – digital video ad expenditure is projected to increase 41.9%. 

If you are yet to reflect on this and use video as a promotional tool, this blog is just for you. Today, we will explore why video marketing is the need of the hour in 2021 and beyond. 

Why Video Marketing is Essential to Grow Your Business? 

Video marketing has become a significant element in digital marketing services. Here are the reasons why. 

  • Explains Your Product / Service

There’s no substitute for clearly showcasing your product/service and demonstrating its usage and benefits when it comes to inspiring credibility and attracting people to convert. These days, customers will only buy a product or engage a service when they fully understand its utility and benefit. And a video can ensure that. 

A video enables you to convey lots of information without occupying lots of space that would be required in the case of text content. Landing page videos can increase conversion rates by 80% (source: WordStream). 

  • Triggers Engagement & Memorability 

These days, no one has the patience to read lots of text content. They simply check out video content to get an overview of a product or service. A video can instantly engage people. 

A study by Shift Learning finds that visuals can improve learning by up to 400%. Further, visuals can better trigger people’s memory. They will better retain the information consumed by the viewers. This is a great deal for startups and large enterprises alike since brand memorability is a crucial element in today’s competitive world. 

  • Boosts ROI 

If you are thinking video marketing is an added expenditure, let us tell you that it’s totally worth your time and money. Over 80% of businesses assert that a video can generate great ROI. (source: 

You need not rely on others. Invest in video marketing and witness it yourself. 

  • Brings You Closer to Your Audience 

A video offers a personal touch. Unlike impersonal and cold text, a video strikes a chord in people’s minds. It brings your business closer to your potential users. And this offers you a competitive edge over your competitors who are not investing in video marketing. It gives a shape to your business and thus boosts credibility. 

  • Enhances Search Engine Ranking

Digital marketers are always on the lookout to find exactly what contributes to boosting a site rank on the Search Engine Result Page (SERP). Lots of things, including video marketing, play crucial roles in this. 

Since Google owns YouTube, videos have acquired a significant increase in how they impact search engine rankings. PPCexpo maintains that placing a video on a website landing page has a 53% higher chance of boosting rank on Google. 

  • Encourages Social Sharing 

If you have an intention to go viral, investing in video marketing is the best bet for you. 92% of mobile video consumers share videos in their social network (source: RendrFX). Thus, you can reach a wider audience. And as you can understand, the like-minded people present in these consumers’ networks have a high potential to convert. 

How to do Video Marketing 

In order to craft a stunning video and market it, it’s important to focus on the following aspects:

  • What is your goal? 

Do you want to sell a unique product? Do you want to assert the quality and credibility of your coaching institute? Do you want to feature attractive apparels that you sell in your boutique? Your video will vary accordingly. 

  • Who is your target audience? 

A video catered to a business person will be very different from one dedicated to travel enthusiasts. From age to cultural background and demography – you need to pay attention to everything before creating a video and marketing it. 

  • Which platform will you use? 

There are lots of platforms including YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Vine, and more. Find out which platform houses most of your target audience. Also, these days, the professionals of any reputed website design company recommend featuring one or two videos on your website to demonstrate your business. 

  • What’s the ideal timespan for a video? 

While a video is engaging content, be mindful of the limited attention span of the users. Make sure to use a catchy introduction on your video and keep it taut throughout. It will help to keep your users hooked to the video. Check out the list below to learn more about the ideal time span for video marketing: 

  • YouTube: up to 15 minutes 
  • Facebook: 15 seconds to 3 minutes
  • Instagram: 2 to 5 minutes on IGTV and 30 to 60 seconds on the grid
  • LinkedIn: 30 seconds 
  • Twitter: 45 seconds 
  • Pinterest: 6-15 seconds 
  • What is your budget? 

Depending on it, you can use multiple platforms. You can also invest in engaging professional social media marketing services to promote your video on social media channels. 

  • What is the outcome? 

Digital marketing has an advantage over traditional marketing as it allows you to track your efforts. Once you start promoting your video, pay attention to the following factors: 

  • What is the engagement rate of the video
  • How far people are watching the video
  • How many people are converting on watching a video (even if they don’t immediately call you or buy a product, you can monitor if they are subscribing to your channel or following your social media page)
  • How many people are sharing the video 

Types of Video You can Use for Marketing 

Here are a few types of video that you may use for marketing:

  • Regular Video 
  • Live Video 
  • Influencers’ Reels
  • Webinar 
  • Animation Video 

Other than these, here are a few aspects that you may cover in your video: 

  • Explainer video
  • Product/service demonstration video 
  • Company culture video 
  • Client testimonial video 
  • Behind-the-scene video 
  • Branded mini-documentary / short film
  • Interviews 

Wrapping Up 

Video can be a powerful tool for marketing your products and services. We hope that the blog has convinced you why video marketing is the need of the hour. And this trend will sustain and grow in the coming years. Therefore, prep up and invest in video marketing. 


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