The Important Features of a Respirator Test

The Important Features of a Respirator Test

If you work in places where you might breathe in particles, fibres or vapours, you should understand that wearing respirators is very important for your safety and health. I know that you do not want to breathe in some dangerous materials, so the mask is the best solution! Do you know that regular respirator test is the only way to know you are safe? I am going to explain the meaning of this test! We have the best services to offer!

·       What represents Qualitative Testing?

It is a pass/fail test that involves your sense of smell or taste, or your response to an irritant for detecting drainage into your respirator mask. It cannot measure the levels of drainage, but it provides for you the information that your mask is in good conditions or, if it is not, it shows you if there are any gaps or holes in the seal.

There are four different qualitative fit test ways for respirator safety:

  • Saccharin: offers a sweet taste in mouth
  • Bittrex: offers a bitter taste in the mouth
  • Isoamyl Acetate: smells like banana
  • Irritant Smoke: it causes coughing

·       What kind of respirator do you need?

We provide high-quality respirator tests! Even if you need a half-mask respirator or a full-face respirator depends on the Assigned Protection Factor. It is the number utilized to describe the level of protection that a respirator can provide if it is utilized correctly. Maybe some organizations have different features for respirators, but APF replaces all other standards and employers must comply with the benchmark.

·       Respirator Test Basics

Employers are required to offer proper respirators that conformed to the APF’s guidelines sets forth concerning to dangerous jobs. Employers are also required by law to fulfil PPE respirator tests on employees at least once a year. Workers must be protected from inhaling dangerous substances that may cause serious illnesses or even death and the only way to do that is by proper respirator maintenance and fitting.

Some reasons that could reduce the effectiveness of a respirator:

  • Weight loss or gain
  • Facial surgery or some dental work
  • Protective eyewear or glasses
  • A lot of facial hear (moustache or beard)
  • Prominent scars in places that skin meets seal.

I hope you now understand the importance of a respirator test and why it should be properly fitted regularly! Make sure you follow the suggested guidelines of respirator use. The regular maintenance is also very important! We provide the best respirator tests on the market and we will help you to keep safe and healthy! Go buy it!

Nicholas Jansen