The jeans as per the body type of women

The jeans as per the body type of women

Most of the time, women fail to acquire perfect jeans as per their body size and their body type. Almost everyone looks for trendy jeans so that they might get a good-looking outfit. But most of them forget to get suitable jeans concerning body type. This is why even the most expensive jeans will not look good if you didn’t consider your body type. Not getting much deep into it, below you will get five main body types and ways that will let you know How to choose perfect jeans accordingly.

Five main body types of women

  • Hourglass

The first and the most common body type is an hourglass. It is almost found in every woman who is dedicated to be self slim and trimmed. It is judged by the bust and the hips region. If the best and the hip regions are equal in shape, it is termed an hourglass shape. Since the shape is as similar as an hourglass, this means that that particular body shape will have a perfect slim shape waist.

  • The rectangle

In a rectangle body shape, the waist measures less than 9 inches from the size of hips and bust. Therefore it can be termed that the rectangle body shape is evenly distributed in terms of weight. In this, your waist will not be as good as the hourglass, yet it will be slimmer. It is also termed an athletic body shape.

  • Inverted triangle

So in this body shape, it can be seen that the shoulders are wider than the hips. Usually, the shoulders are shorter than the hips, but here it’s an inverted triangle, therefore the name—most of the models that we see all of this type.

  • The Pear

The body is pear, no! In this body type, the hips are curved, and the thighs are thicker than any other region present in the body. The shoulders and the hips are not in proportion with each other. This is why this shape of the body is similar to a pear but not exactly like a pear. Talking about belly fat, it is not much thicker and not much slimmer.

  • Apple round

Those who have an Apple round body shape then it clearly indicates that their body is too heavy in weight. This shows that their body has broad shoulders, a wide torso and a full waist, bust, and upper back. Not to mention the face might also be a chubby cheek.

How can you get the right choice of jeans?

There is nothing difficult to measure of the best fitting jeans and which type of jeans will look great on you. If you have an hourglass body shape, then mom jeans can be the best suitable jeans for you. Similarly, for women with inverted triangle shape flared jeans is a great deal.

In this way, you can look at the shape of your body and judge them to get a suitable type of jeans that will look amazing.

David Lockhart