The Lawyer You Can Trust Now for You

The Lawyer You Can Trust Now for You

Note that at the end of this first meeting, the lawyer will probably ask you for a provision, that is to say an advance on his fees. If you are not sure you want to entrust your case to him, tell him that you want to think about it and that you will contact him again later. He will then bill you only for this first consultation. Note that there is no scale for attorneys’ fees, their amounts can therefore be very variable.

Get their prices specified

The fees of a Overland Park DUI lawyer are free and fixed by mutual agreement between him and his client. When making an appointment, ask him the price of the first consultation and then, during the interview, the cost of the mission.

Composition of lawyer fees

Lawyers have two systems of remuneration. For simple cases where the workload can be assessed in advance, they can offer a package. In some cases, it is even compulsory (divorce proceedings, partial legal aid, lawyer paid by legal expenses insurance or when a result fee is foreseen). For other businesses, they charge an hourly rate, which varies greatly according to their age, experience, the difficulty of the business and the client’s situation (from 100 to 750 € per hour).

A result fee expressed as a percentage of the sums obtained by the lawyer for your benefit may be added. On the other hand, a lawyer is not entitled to provide for remuneration based solely on performance fees.

  • The lawyer will also ask you to pay costs and expenses: these are the costs incurred during a trial, which do not constitute his remuneration (bailiff’s fees, expert’s fees, etc.).
  • If you initially agree on a flat-rate billing, the lawyer cannot then claim more from you than what had been planned (you can agree with him on the terms of payment for this flat-rate).

If he charges you hourly, the lawyer must note the time spent and the steps taken for your case and keep you informed. He will generally ask you for provisions as and when to ensure payment for his work. At the end of his mission, he must present you with a detailed account distinguishing the costs from fees and VAT at 19.60% if applicable (below € 42,300 in turnover, lawyers do not are not subject to VAT).

The price of a lawyer often seems exorbitant, but be aware that he has to pay expenses (professional insurance, contributions to the Bar Association, etc.) which can reach 60% of his earnings (for a hour billed 200 €, he will therefore receive 80 €).

What to know If, at the end of the first meeting, you have decided to entrust your case to him, ask your lawyer to draw up a fee agreement. This is a contract detailing the conditions of his remuneration. Keep it to avoid litigation.

Financial aid

You may be covered by independent legal protection insurance or integrated into an insurance contract (home, car, credit card, complementary health insurance, etc.). In this case, the lawyer you have chosen can be fully or partially covered by the insurance, without your resources being taken into account. You can also ask your insurer for the contact details of a lawyer.


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