The Most Fashionable Apple Watch Bands for Him and Her

The Most Fashionable Apple Watch Bands for Him and Her

Apple watches are taking over the smartwatch industry and one of the most popular features of them are the ability to customize the watch band to look however you want. It can be a great way to personalize it and make it yours. They offer bands that are specific to men and women. I will give a list of bands that will look the best for both women and men.

Bands for women

The first list I am going to give are bands that are designed for women and work well for any type of event.

  1. Coach Strap with Charms: This one is for people who like the more high-end things. It is a leather, glove-tanned watch with coach charms. It being a basic brown color makes it match well with just about everything you are wearing. It has a panerai watch straps type back to it. Its price is $150 and is more high-end than most.
  1. Mia Apple Watch Band Cuff: This is a fancier band for special events but still can be worn in everyday life. The band is made of nickel free metal. The price of this watch is $74 which from research done is on the cheaper side of it but people would never be able to tell. It comes in four colors; Rose gold, silver, gold and gray.
  1. Spark Kristi Braided Boho Band: This one works well for people that have a more eclectic taste in jewelry. It is made with braided deerskin leather, Ethiopian beads, and a brass or silver button closure. If you like things that look 100% hand-made but hand-made well this is the band for you. It is priced at around $139 per band.
  1. Etsy (Laurels Loop) Zipper band: This is a cool custom watch band that is designed to look like a zipper wrapped around your wrist. This one is priced at $88 which is well worth it for a 100% hand-made custom band like this.

Bands for Men

Now I am going to go into bands that work well for men and their sense of tastes. Just like the women’s there will be four options that I am suggesting.

  1. Clockwork Synergy Black & Silver Band: This is a military style light-weight band. The black and silver color means that it will match with just about any outfit that you are wearing whether you are dressed up or dressed down. It has panerai watch straps to it. This comes in at a price of $26 so it is really affordable for anyone.
  1. Case Mate Signature Leather Band: This one is your basic leather band. It is classic and timeless and works well for men that are looking to make their watch look more professional than techy. This is a good Christmas gift or birthday gift to give to a guy who is dressier than he is not.
  1. Monomer Nylon Band: This is one that is targeted towards men but is a great unisex band. It is made of nylon and is reminiscent of a military issued watch. This works well for your military guy or for a guy that is just an outdoor person.
  1. Apple Leather Loop Band: This one is of the basic type of apple bands that you can get. So, if you want to match your band to your watch this one works for you. It looks just as techy as the watch itself.

Nicholas Jansen