The Perfection of the Interior Designing: What You Should Look Into

The Perfection of the Interior Designing: What You Should Look Into

Do you like something in every interior style, and is the result that your house is a mishmash of everything? You are not alone, interior stylists know that all too well. It is quite difficult to bring all your ideas together into a whole. Imagine hiring an interior stylist, what are the interior stylist costs and what exactly does the interior stylist do for you? You will find answers to these questions in this article.

What does an interior stylist cost?

Do you only want color advice, or do you want to completely refresh your interior with new furniture? The prices for this vary considerably, so it is wise to acquire prior knowledge and take advantage of it. The interior stylist costs are per hour or per room and the interior stylist also looks at the size of the assignment. You can choose a reliable interior designer singapore, get quotations and compare their renovation portfolio before making a decision.

Cheapest Choice:

You pay the lowest price when you opt for only color advice about one or more rooms in your house. Your interior stylist provides color advice on paint, wallpaper, curtains and any accessories. In this case, the interior stylist costs an average of € 50 per space.

Middle way:

Most people opt for a compact advice about 1 room in the house. Your interior stylist provides interior advice on the colors and layout of the furniture, often based on a floor plan. This advice costs on average between € 200 and € 240 per room.

Most extensive choice:

What does the price structure of an interior stylist look like?

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Which choices determine the costs of an interior stylist?

The amount of interior stylist costs interior stylist is determined by the following choices:

One or more rooms

The costs of your interior stylist largely depend on the spaces that you have styled. Do you want interior advice on the design of your living room or bedroom, or have the entire house restyled immediately? The size of the different rooms also counts in the costs of an interior stylist. This is because the hourly rate is taken into account, which can vary from € 60 to € 120. The prices for advice for an extra space are around € 75 per hour.

The difference between an interior advice, design or execution

The work that your interior stylist carries out for you can be divided into advice, design and implementation. The difference is in the work that the stylist will actually do versus the work that you will do yourself after the interior advice.

An interior advice is the advice that your interior stylist hands over orally or in writing after viewing the spaces and discussing your wishes, this often takes 1 to 2 hours.

Your interior stylist will of course spend longer with an interior design. He or she makes an inventory of the furniture and, in addition to the color advice, makes a new floor plan with layout for you.

The implementation of the interior advice is the most luxurious option for which you can choose. After discussing your wishes and making agreements, you let the interior stylist do his / her own with your house. The layout and colors are adjusted and the purchase of any new furniture is done for you. The interior stylist often has a day’s work here, count on a duration of 8 to 10 hours.

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