The Right Software Deployment and Distribution Choice

The Right Software Deployment and Distribution Choice

If you are thinking of implementing a business software solution in your company, here you can read how to do it with a guarantee of sure success. It is logical that in your company you have doubts like: how do we know if we have chosen the ideal partner? Do we have the appropriate equipment and infrastructure; is the workforce engaged? Are my business objectives aligned with the technological capacity of the company? Make a visit to to know the possible services.

Ten tips for a successful ERP software implementation process in your company:

Implement correct change management

It is important to implement correct change management among your employees so that they adapt as quickly as possible to new changes. In this sense, it would be a good idea to promote leaders of change who infect the rest of the workforce.

Adaptive ERP

Take into account the new features in the new ERPs compared to the “old” ERPs that lacked the ability to adapt to new functionalities such as 3D printing, cloud deployment and real-time collaboration. We are in the new era of ERP solutions, the need for updated ERP software to adapt to new trends such as: integration with social media, business intelligence and analytics.

ERP capable of controlling 100% the business processes of companies

Focus on specific business processes and ERP system requirements.

ERP adapted to current legislation

Choose a solution that already contains the functionality to easily handle specific processes, terms, and relevant regulatory compliance, in a way that reduces or eliminates the need for costly modifications.

Flexible ERP

Think long-term and choose a flexible ERP solution that allows you to face future needs that were not foreseen in the beginning.

Do not abuse customizations in ERP software

Avoid customizations at all costs as they make your ERP software difficult to update and you find yourself stuck with having to constantly update those modifications.

Intuitive ERP software

Take into account the experience of the employees when using this software and make sure that the chosen ERP solution is very intuitive to shorten the training period.

Intelligent ERP implementation process

Respect all stages of the implementation process of your ERP solution: if you try to skip any of them because you want to go faster, it will be counterproductive in the long run.


During the entire process with your employees, collaborate with your partner and document itIf you are still wondering which ERP software to implement in your company, take a look at what Microsoft Dynamics ERP offers you.

Bonnie Baldwin