The Room Decoration For a Birthday Party

The Room Decoration For a Birthday Party

There is a great amount of room decoration ideas with balloons for a birthday party. You can decorate the whole space of the room, hang balloons on the ceiling or create three-dimensional figures that won’t leave the birthday kid and his/her guests indifferent. For decorating the house you will need:

  • Latex or mylar balloons
  • Helium or the pump
  • Ribbons to tie balloons
  • Lines

Different parts of decoration should be combined harmoniously that’s why you’ll need to choose the balloons colour palette carefully. If it is a kids birthday party than the figures of cartoon characters near the entrance will be a perfect choice. For elder people you can use man-sized balloon flowers.

For decorating the ceiling in the hall you can make a bright wreath made of balloons. If you don’t have much time then helium-filled balloons tied by a satin ribbon will also look gorgeous. You can fill the whole ceiling space with them.

Arches are also in a high demand. The balloons are attached to the special frame or with a line.

If it is a kids birthday then you can organize a theme party. In this case all the decorations should match the main topic. It’s always a good idea to use mylar balloons of cartoon characters. They are usually inflated by helium or put on the balloon coaster.

Children are excited about surprise balloons that are attached to the ceiling. They are usually filled with small balls, confetti, wish notes, candies etc. When the party comes to an end the birthday kid bursts these balloons using a special stick with a needle. What was inside flies apart bringing a lot of fun to everyone.

While decorating the hall it’s not necessary to concentrate only on the ceiling. You can easily decorate columns, desks and even the floor.

Decorating the walls with balloons

As a decoration it’s not obligatory to use only numbers symbolizing the age of a birthday person. For that you can also use balloons with greetings or the name of the guest of honor. They are usually made of mylar balloons that have a great colour palette.

It’s possible to decorate the wall as a composition. The balloon flowers will look very effective. The decoration can be made as a flower meadow completed by the sun and clouds. If it is a birthday kid than it’s a good idea to hang on the wall any cartoon character.

How to decorate the ceiling for a birthday party?

The easiest way to decorate the ceiling is to prepare the balloons with helium and fill the whole space with them. If you don’t want to use helium then you can hang balloons at different height. It will look perfect especially if you have suspended ceilings.

Nowadays the balloon clouds become more and more popular. To decorate the space in such a way you’ll need latex balloons in different colours and size. Also it will look great if you add some mylar (for example stars, hearts) or glowing balloons.

To create an amazing decoration on the ceiling the wreaths can be made. You can attach it moving from the center to the corners. It’s possible to do it on your own without any help:

  • Find the center of the ceiling where the balloon will be attached.
  • Moving from the central balloon stretch the threads to the corners of the ceiling. They should be placed symmetrically.
  • Tie balloons to the threads in order to create a radiant wreath.

Three-dimensional figures made of balloons

The use of 3D balloon figures as a room decoration for a birthday party is always demanded for every age. You can make whatever you like starting from a daisy and finishing with a big basket of flowers.

Wreaths and arches made of balloons always look gorgeous while decorating the birthday party. If it’s a kids party you won’t regret using the figures of favorite animals or cartoon characters. To emphasize the beauty of the event you can make big numbers on the meadow or use the writing.

Bonnie Baldwin