The Secret Of the EMF Blocker

The Secret Of the EMF Blocker


Every single cell phone emits a small amount of radiation. This is because the electronics and battery are emitting a small amount of radiation. For the most part, this isn’t a problem for humans. But for anyone who has exposure to radiation in other parts of their life such at their job, the small amount of radiation coming from the cell phone can overdo their body and cause major problems. Cancer has been proven to be caused by many things but one of those things is radiation exposure. If you would feel better knowing that your body is not being exposed to radiation via your cell phone then consider getting an emf blocker case.

How Does It Work?

In short, an EMF case is made from a product that helps lessen the amount of radiation output. It helps redirect the radiation outfit away from your body. This helps reduce if not eliminate the amount of radiation exposure you get from your phone. The specific EMF case has a flap that goes over the screen as well. It helps absorb and redirect all radiation coming from all sides of the cell phone.

Does It Work Too Well?

However, the fact is that if the EMF blocker completely worked then the phone wouldn’t be able to get any signal. So there has to be a certain amount of the cell phone exposed.

Long Lasting?

The biggest complaint of the EMF case is that it is not long lasting. The leather wears quickly and the exposure to the radiation only lasts so long. So the case has to be replaced basically annually.

Other Perks to the Case

Along with being a great case to absorb and help reduce radiation exposure, this case has many other perks. You can get the case with slots for credit cards and cash. Along with just being convenient, it will also filter any thieves that try to utilize a scanning machine to steal your card information by just walking by you. Along with that, it is just stylish and nice looking. It looks very mature and upscale. The magnet on the front makes it simple to open and close. Overall it is a very nice case and very protective of the phone.

Other Ways to Reduce Radiation Exposure

The phone case is just one small way you can reduce the radiation exposure in your life. Another way you can help your phone reduce the amount of radiation exposure it puts out is to turn things off. Turn off your wifi searcher. The constant output of searching for signal will also put out a constant higher stream of radiation. Another thing to do is keep the phone away from your body whenever possible. Don’t carry your phone in your pocket and if you must put it in a pocket, put it in your back pocket. The skin and muscle on your glutes will help reduce the exposure of radiation. Also, absolutely do not sleep with your phone. At night time, your phone often runs updates and similar restructures of the phones brain. So that can put off more radiation. Another great idea is to use a speaker phone versus putting the phone directly to your head. It helps reduce the radiation exposure. During a phone call, radiation exposure is higher.


In the end, although you can get a phone case to help you protect yourself from your phone’s radiation, it is also a good idea to take other precautions. Your phone is a cell of radiation that your body is being exposed to. Try all these tips and phone cases to reduce the exposure you have to radiation.

Edward Powell