The Top Greatest Slots Based On Hit Movies

The Top Greatest Slots Based On Hit Movies

If you’ve spent any time spinning the reels, you’ll know that slots come in an extraordinary variety of themes. From slots based on bands, to those based on game shows, the selection is almost overwhelming. But then there are slots based on hit movies. It isn’t surprising that movie-themed slots are some of the most popular, especially if the film itself is particularly popular.

We’ve put together a list of the best slots based on excellent movies. All the slots in our list are not only true to the film, but in some cases even go beyond what the movie had to offer.

The Godfather

Controversial at release, and now seen as amongst the best movies of all time, The Godfather is a true classic. The movie tells the story of the Corleone family; Italian immigrants now living in America. The Corleone family is fabulously wealthy, and for the most part seem to enjoy life in America. Vito Corleone, however, also happens to be the mafia boss of a vast syndicate. The movie tells of how Vito is assassinated by a competitor crime syndicate, leaving his sons to try and maintain order in a violent and turbulent time.

The Godfather slot isn’t able to capture the complexity of the entire story, but what it does do is capture the atmosphere perfectly. You’ll spin the reels, shoot for the Mega Jackpot, and all the while enjoy the recognisable music from the film. Who knows, if you hit a jackpot maybe you’ll even grab enough cash to be as wealthy as a Corleone.


Rocky is another true classic, originally released in 1976. The film tells the story of down-on-his-luck lucky Detroit resident Rocky Balboa. Rocky works as a debt collector, but dreams of making it big in the boxing ring. Over the course of the film Rocky gets his big break, takes a shot at the title, and finds love in the process.

The Rocky slot game is particularly good because the designers clearly knew what made the film great. Which is to say, the film isn’t really about boxing, but more about striving to achieve a dream in seemingly hopeless circumstances. Take a few spins and maybe you’ll also manage to find the success of a determined boxing fanatic.

The Hunger Games

The Hunger Games perhaps isn’t a classic like Rocky or The Godfather, but it certainly still enjoys enormous popularity. Releasing in 2012, The Hunger Games is set in a fantasy world, though not one populated with dragons and elves. Rather, The Hunger Games world is wrought with political struggle, deep poverty, and an annual festival called The Hunger Games. Those that participate in The Hunger Games must fight one another for a chance to earn status and wealth.

The Hunger Games slot likewise offers a chance to earn wealth. Though, you won’t have to enter any life-or-death struggles. Rather you’ll simply have to make bets, spin reels, and keep your eyes on the jackpot. Keen on giving it a try? Head to Big Dollar casino to see if The Hunger Games, or any other film-based slots, are available.

Star Wars

You knew it’d be on here, and here it is; Star Wars. Chances are you’re already well aware of what Star Wars is, at least if you haven’t been living under a rock. Star Wars is set in a fantasy world that struggles with the crushing rulership of The Empire. But, as it turns out, a young man named Luke Skywalker might just be the hero the world needs. With the help of a mentor, Luke learns to control magical powers, allowing him to stand up against The Empire.

The Star Wars slot is older than most others on this list, so perhaps doesn’t have as much digital dazzle. However, you’ll still get to hang out with all your favourite characters as you take a shot at a jackpot. Plus, you’ll also get to hear snippets of some of the best scenes in the movie.

Casino Royale

Yes, the secret agent that is always in fashion is back in another adventure. Only, in this case, he’s a little older, a little more mature, and not as wisecracking as previously. In Casino Royale, James Bond must infiltrate a criminal network by means of a Poker game. It’s as exciting as it sounds, and James Bond must overcome all sorts of hardships along the way.

The Casino Royale slot is fascinatingly similar to the film. The play symbols and special features are based around a high-stakes game of Poker, making you feel like you’re the super spy himself. Thankfully, you won’t have to dodge any bullets while you’re shooting for a jackpot.

The Dark Knight

You probably also consider The Dark Knight to be the best superhero film, like so many superhero fans out there. The Dark Knight sees Batman go up against his biggest nemesis, The Joker. Though this version of The Joker is more maniacal, and more sinister than ever. Batman must go to extremes to defeat this new supervillain menace, and perhaps even be pushed beyond his limits as a crime fighter.

The Dark Knight slot is colourful, exciting, and not afraid to embrace the darkness of the movie. Take on the role of Batman, face off against The Joker, and perhaps walk away with a Bruce Wayne size fortune in your pocket.

The Lord Of The Rings

We’ve kept the best for last. Taking the world by storm, The Lord Of The Rings film trilogy is now seen as a genre-defining series of movies. Frodo must travel across a terrifyingly desolate and dangerous landscape to deliver The One Ring to Mount Doom. Along the way, he’ll have to fight for his life, resist the lure of The One Ring, and rely on his friends for support.

The Lord Of The Rings slot is astoundingly good to look at, with an enormous amount of work going into capturing the movie’s epic visuals. Do you have what it takes to handle The One Ring, and defeat Sauron? Find out by making a few bets and spinning the reels.

David Lockhart