The Ultimate Bad Boy Wears Skull Bracelets

The Ultimate Bad Boy Wears Skull Bracelets

There’s a larger-than-life, mind-blowing vibe you can achieve only but wearing a certain type of jewelry, that is represented by skull bracelets. The skull symbol has been around since the dawn of time and was used only by bad guys.

For cool, breathtaking skull bracelets check the collection from Balisarda, which features only the coolest skull inspired jewelry. They are simple because sometimes nothing speaks louder than soft, subtle designs. For this reason, they can be worn by anybody, anywhere.

The skull bracelets from this collection take into account that everything you choose to wear is more than an act of mix and match, it’s a statement. With their subtle design, these skull bracelets manage to make a strong impression.

According to your type of personality, your fashion style or the occasion you are dressing up for, you can choose between two types of bracelets from the “Skull Obsession”.

Skull Beaded Bracelets

Everybody loves beaded bracelets because they feature gemstones. And the more you know about gemstones, the more fascinating they get! For example, you can get skull beaded bracelets that feature two types of semi-precious stones, all imported from Asia or Africa. You can go for Onyx, black or matte or you can go for Lava.

Both options represent powerful protection stones that make the negative energy disappear while they free your mind of any self-doubt. Thanks to them, you will gain new levels of self-awareness.

  1. Onyx: This semi-precious stone boosts up your self-confidence; it gives you courage and trust in your path. When worn next to a skull symbol, it has a huge impact on your perception of the world and the unfolding events. Just by wearing it for a little while, you will see how life as it is and you will feel you can get over anything.

If you want to go for something elegant, but discreet, that doesn’t stand out, then definitely go for the combination of Black Onyx & Matte Onyx skull beaded bracelet. The texture of this gemstone makes the skull in your jewelry stand out even more.

Another advantage given by the Black Onyx skull bracelets is that they are versatile. Literally, there is no outfit that won’t look amazing with them. They are the perfect choice for a strong, mysterious guy.

  1. Lava: An ingenious volcanic rock, lava provides healing, connecting the one who wears it with the energies that stem from the depths of the Earth. Letting go is a difficult lesson – that’s why Lava provides the guidance you need to get back on track and start everything all over again.

Sterling Silver Skull Bracelets

Given the sterling silver, any bracelet from this collection will help the flow of energy and strengthen the connection to your goals! The precious brilliance of this metal is responsible for its timeless elegance. Your Sterling Silver bracelet will work to protect you from the negative energy from the outside, as well as keep you safe from your own negative thoughts.

Skull bracelets are timeless – they look good, they feel good. Make sure to get yours now and enjoy everything it brings in your life!

David Lockhart