The Use and Perfect use of the lepin Brick Now

The Use and Perfect use of the lepin Brick Now


Many authors of such videos pursue their own commercial interest, exploiting the theme of ease of installation. In fact, it is advisable to study the instructions in advance and practice in the masonry. 


In general, according to the technical characteristics of this material that are already known today, it has almost no shortcomings. The only minus is the fact that the material is still new, which means there is simply no experience with it, as well as long-term operation of the latter. At the same time, the fact that such bricks are not produced by large companies, but by small “garage” manufacturers, can also be an important minus. 

Therefore, there is no debugged production and the availability of certificates guaranteeing quality. And the Lepin Brick buyer can equally likely buy a really high-quality product, and spend money on something that will disappoint him afterwards. It should be noted that the technology was originally used in South America, a part of the world that fundamentally differs from our country in its climate. 

Therefore, in the future there is a non-zero probability that in this method of construction problems may be found that greatly reduce its popularity among our compatriots. 

Features of working with lepin brick 

When laying these blocks, the space is filled not with a cement-sand mixture, but with a special adhesive. This is another plus, since there is a minimum distance between the blocks, and the cold bridge is not so pronounced. Often this material is used to equip fence poles. In this case, as the manufacturers claim, not even glue is needed. All that’s enough for this is to lay out 5-6 rows, and pour concrete into the space formed in the center, after inserting durable reinforcement there. The process is somewhat reminiscent of the creation of a stone fence, but without formwork and occurring much faster. The holes in this material can either be used for reinforcement or simply reduce thermal conductivity due to the presence of air pockets. 

Therefore, with the same masonry thickness, the Lepin brick wall will be warmer. You can use this type of brick as a fixed formwork in monolithic construction. To do this, lay two layers of masonry at a distance from each other. Metal reinforcement is placed at this distance, after which concrete mixture is poured. As a result, we get a wall with high strength and visual characteristics. After all, she does not need additional decoration, since the brick itself looks very beautiful. 

Last Words

It is best to apply the adhesive solution to the surface of the brick with a special gun. Conclusion It should be understood that the increased popularity of this type of brick is a consequence of the active work of equipment manufacturers to create it and finished brick. First of all, the brick spins in the information space, as a fashionable business idea, on which you can earn considerable money. And judging by the increase in the number of “garage” industries, this promotion works pretty well. 

However, this does not negate the advantages that this material really has, and it is definitely worth considering it as an option for use. In extreme cases, it can be tried in practice not during the construction of a house, but during the construction of courtyard buildings.


Nicholas Jansen