The XS Power Titan 8 Battery Couldn’t Get Any Better Only at Down4soundshop

The XS Power Titan 8 Battery Couldn’t Get Any Better Only at Down4soundshop

Car audio competition has always been something people see and admire for a very long time. And there is no hidden that XS has been a great dominator in the industry for years now. They have set a benchmark in the industry for being the top-notch and bestselling in the power cell industry. 

XS power Titan 8 has become the most wonderful product in the list. There are great grand benefits of it and the reason why it has become famous is because of the versatility, compact, and durability that it provides for years now. They are a highly affordable car battery. It has set high standards and expectations amongst the users and it is pretty worth considering. 

The Overview 

If you are looking for great power and satisfaction, along with an unlimited output, with high 

standards lithium Titanate Oxide being presented in that. You will love to know that this Titan 8 XS power is all that can prove to be the best choice. Plus, the best part of it is a high-power lithium cell which makes it the most fantastic choice of all.

What’s so great about it? 

Let’s look at the things that have made it a popular choice amongst users: 

  1. If you are looking for high burst output, you get it just the right way as this product is claimed to deliver and burst output of 100 times extra than that of the real capacity.
  2. While you talk about the current, the charges of the current as well as pretty satisfying. It is said that the currents are 30 to 60 times better and effective.
  3. This is not it, with the current being extremely effective, a single 10A module in it enhances the burst the current up to 1,000A
  4. In addition to that, the battery as well accept the charge and delivery of about 300A

Let’s Look at the feature:

The impressive thing about it is a built-in 2/0 bussing. This ensures that it can take up 4 positions and 4 negative hidden connections which are said to be a direct connection.

These connections will lead to each module without being externally exposed bussing.

There are so many advanced and fancy features that will initiate you to make a purchase and enjoy configuration from 12V, 24V, 36V. Also, any other imaginable configuration is possible with it. 

Let’s see the different modules and go through each one of them:

  • XS POWER Titan8 RSV-S5 12V (Reserved Capacity)
  • XS POWER Titan8 PWR-S5 12V (Burst Discharge)
  • XS POWER Titan8 PWR-S6 14V (Burst Discharge) 
  • XS POWER Titan8 RSV-S7 16V (Reserve Capacity)
  • XS POWER Titan8 RSV-S6 14V (Reserve Capacity)
  • XS POWER Titan8 PWR-S7 16V (Burst Discharge)

Let us look at the pricing to understand how much to expect while buying it:

  1. PWR-S5: $688.99
  2. 12V, 10Ah, 5,000W – 8,000W
  3. PWR-S6: $804.99
  4. 14V, 10Ah, 6,000W – 9,000W
  5. PWR-S7: $919.99
  6. 16V, 10Ah, 7,000W – 10,000W

There are ample models in the XS power Titan Collection, each with its uniqueness, quality, versatility, and features. These are the reasons why you would see the pricing of all of them different. The best part is, each model has a standard built-in balancing system. This way you can also upgrade it with the Bluetooth connectivity which ensures remote cell monitoring is seamless. 

The XS power titan 8 battery review itself will blow your mind as there are so many people in love with the product. You will have a great time enjoying the experience that it delivers to you. If you want to make a purchase, there is no place better than Down4soundshop. The affordable pricing is the best thing here! 


Nicholas Jansen