TheOneSpy Review: Cellphone & Computer monitoring software

TheOneSpy Review: Cellphone & Computer monitoring software

TheOneSpy without the shadow of the doubt is one of the best spy apps for cell phones of android and IOS and further it is handy for laptops and desktop computer machines of windows and MAC operating systems. Over the years we have seen posts about free android monitoring apps, but all of these are just time wasting, but when it comes to cell phone and computer monitoring app it is user –friendly interface, reasonable price and very effective one for setting parental control on kids and teens device and best for employee monitoring purposes. However, you can easily install the cell phone and PC spy app on your target devices.

Cell phone & Computer monitoring app installation process

Simply, visit the web of TheOneSpy phone and computer monitoring software and subscribe for it and then you will get the credential via an email sent to you. Now you have to get the physical access on your target cell phone or computer device and install on it. You will be able to do it within a couple of minutes and once you have installed it successfully on the target device. Before you are going to activate it, you will have a pop –up screen message, either you want to use it secretly or not.

Then make your best choice in the light of your needs and then use the credentials such as ID and password and further get dashboard of the cell phone and computer surveillance app. Now you have all the monitoring solutions for Android, IOS cell phones, tablets and pads and also you have the tracking solutions for MAC and windows. Now you need to know you can use the monitoring solution of what you have subscribed earlier. If you have subscribed for cell phone spy app then you will be able to visit its tools and if you have subscribed for the Android or iOSMobile Spysolution then you can easily visit its features and you can use it to spy on your target cell phone device.

Use mobile phone & computer tracking app features

Cell phone surveillance app features

TOS Spy360

You can listen to the surround Voices and conversations in real –time using the spy360 live surround listening and you can further view live surround visuals with spy360 live camera streaming. This will enable a user to view surroundings of the target device.

Phone bug

Record and listen to the surround Voices and conversations by getting control over the MIC of the target Android or IOS device with MIC Bug app and further you can record surround visuals of the target device with Spyvidcam bug and capture images with camera bug app for android and IOS cell phones and gadgets.

Text messages spy

View and read sent or received text messages with the text messages spy on the android monitoring app.

Call monitoring

Listen and record the live call with secret call recorder of the android spy app and then save the recorded stuff on the online control panel.

IM’s Social Media

View IM’s logs of all the trendy instant messaging apps and view chat conversations, text messages, audio and video conversations, shared media files photos and videos and Voice messages,

Remotely phone controller

You can remotely view the installed app on the target cell phone device. Furthermore, you can remotely block text messages, cell phone incoming calls and last but not the least you can block the internet access to the fullest.

Computer spy app for Windows and MAC

MAC spy app features

Websites blocking

You can block websites on your target MAC laptop & desktop devices by putting the URLs into the filters using the MAC tracking software.

Camera bug

You can get to know who is up to the target MAC laptop machine by getting control over the front camera by using the camera bug app.

Screen recording

You can make short videos back to back of the target MAC computer screen with screen recording tool and get to know what the target person is doing on it.

Windows monitoring app features

Website blocking

Block inappropriate websites and put URLs into the filters and target user won’t be able to access the blocked websites using the windows spy app.

Mighty alarms

Use alarms on the activities you want to know is done on regular basis on the target window device.

User –friendly reports

You just need to use the widows’ surveillance app on the target windows laptop or desktop machine and you will get the user –friendly reports of all the activities happen on the target windows computers to the fullest.


Cell phone and computer monitoring Software enable a user to do parenting job convincingly and further you can monitor your employees with complete time stamp along with sheer power and accuracy.


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