These are the top alternatives to Blender 3D modeling software

These are the top alternatives to Blender 3D modeling software

Blender is a 3D computer graphics program used to create animated movies, 3D models, video games, 3D programs and motion graphics videos. The most important feature of Blender is that it is freely available and has many features available, which makes it a perfect animation and 3D modeling program. The software was originally created by Ton Roosendaal, but is currently owned by the Blender Foundation. Following are the main Blender Alternatives.

Foyr Neo

Among the contestants in 3D modeling and design software, Foyr Neo stands out in terms of its versatility, affordability, creativity, uniqueness, etc. The primary advantages of this 3D tool are that it is a cross platform software (run in PC, smart phone, and tablet), and it is perfect for beginners and professionals. Do you want to know what you can do with it? The options are endless. We recommend you to visit the website now.

Autodesk Maya

Maya is a very popular 3D animation, modeling, visual effects and rendering program used by 3D artists. It is supported by Mac, Windows and Linux. Used primarily for 3D sculpting, key frame animation, and texturing, Maya is a powerhouse of tools, features, and is a bit complex software to use.


This is an open source program, generally used for nodal composition requirements. It is cross platform software. Some of its features include animation using f-curves, rendering and 2D tracking system. The project in the program is a created XML file. Although the program does not support scripting, it does have animation tools such as key frames and motion graphics rendering. 


This program proved to be very useful and influenced the 3D industry in many ways. Mainly used for digital sculpting and painting purposes, Z-Brush is a special program that has impressive features and toolsets. It also has an amazing and efficient workflow and offers the latest and most up-to-date toolset for its digital users.

Cinema 4D

It is a commercial and professional alternative to Blender. It is a dynamic 3D program capable of performing various functions such as animation, lighting, texturing, rendering and polygonal modeling. Mainly used for the Body Paint 3D feature, Cinema 4D is heavily used by 3D artists and painters. The program’s workflow is also easy to use and very efficient. 


This program is fast and highly dynamic in nature. The program’s amazing features include the best sculpting tools available, modeling techniques, and Key frame animation support, which makes it a highly demanding program. It has a user-friendly workflow and toolsets and focuses on creativity and ideas.


This program is a commercially based 3D modeling program. It is created by Robert Mc. Neel & Associates. Mainly used by 3D artist and interior designers, this program can be used for automotive projects, architecture, jewelry design, engineering components and other multimedia designs. 

Sketch Up

One of the most robust software with the easiest tools is Sketch up Program. It is mainly used for CAD drawings and compositions. It is available in both free and paid versions. With Sketch Up, the artist can create video games, movies, engineering projects, interior design and other CAD drawings. 

Bonnie Baldwin