Things You Need For Your Puppy

Things You Need For Your Puppy

Bringing home a cute little puppy is not less than bringing home a newborn baby. Especially for dog-lovers who treat pets as family members, the emotion could be similar. So, getting a puppy home needs a lot of preparation and you need to have a few things ready.

Listed below are a few essential things you need for your puppy.

  • Dog Cage: Well! Caging your pet might sound cruel to many people, but the truth is cages protect puppies from hurting themselves and safeguards home furniture when the pup is kept free to roam around in the initial days. Still, it is your call whether to place your puppy in a cage or not. A pet bed is another alternative, but puppies like to chew stuff, so think before you invest in something that might get torn apart eventually.
  • Puppy Food: Healthy dog food is the most important thing you need to keep ready before you bring home your pup. Remember that you must not shift from puppy starter food to adult dog food This is because adult dog food has higher nutritional content than puppy starter foods which is not necessary for puppies. These high nutrition values can harm your little friend.
  • Grooming Tools: Another important thing to buy are grooming tools like toothbrush, nail clippers, ear cleaners, and brushes. Ensure, you brush your pup regularly to avoid getting tangled.
  • Shampoo and Conditioners: Puppies need mild shampoo for their young delicate skin. Do not use any human shampoo as it might irritate them.
  • Dog Bowls: Consider buying ceramic or stainless-steel bowls. These are easy to sterilize and clean. Plastic bowls are messy and your pup might end chewing them as well.
  • Collar and Leash: Choose an inexpensive collar for your initial purchase. Asthe dog’s neck grows faster, you may need to get new ones frequently. So be prepared to purchase a few collars.
  • Dog Chews: Puppies like nothing better than chewing something and offering them dog chews is a better way to keep them busy when left alone. There are a variety of chews that you can buy, but just a few to start with and see which type they like best.
  • Dog Toys: Toys made from latex, fleece, rubber, rope, and vinyl will keep your pup busy all day. There are a lot of toys for dogs to choose from, make sure you keep your shoes and slippers out of their reach, as they are their favorite toys to play with. Instead, offer them their toys so that you save on your stuff.

Well! We have listed the basic supplies you require for a new pup. Have these essentials in place before bringing home your puppy. If you prepare for this new member in advance it will be easy for you to adapt him to a new place.

Nicholas Jansen