Things You Need to Know about Alimony

Things You Need to Know about Alimony

Alimony is not a rare demand in a divorce case. There are certain things you ought to know about alimony, whether you are demanding it or suspecting your spouse will require it. There are specific points that the judges consider when deciding on alimony, and there is also the way you can decide on alimony outside the courtroom. This article will help you understand the facts, and for more detailed information, you can contact the divorce lawyer in Wisconsin

How does the court decide alimony?

The first factor the court looks at is if the spouse demanding alimony needs it or not and whether the other spouse will be able to provide it or not. Also, different laws in each state decide the awarding of alimony. Factors like a couple’s lifestyle before marriage and whether they will be able to maintain it after divorce. Each spouse’s income, debts, and assets will also be considered. Further, how much each of the spouses will receive after the division of the marital property if the spouse’s income is low or not depends on whether they were unemployed for some time to take care of the family. Other factors the judge thinks should be considered. 

If there is a history of domestic violence in the family, then any misconduct by one or both spouses will be considered. Another factor you can claim in the divorce is that if your spouse was the one to file a divorce, then you can demand the expenditure you are bearing in the divorce in the alimony. 


If the judges decide that you will be getting the alimony, then no matter what, your spouse must provide the maintenance. If your ex is not abiding by the court order, you can ask the judge to enforce the alimony order. You will be filing a “show cause” action, and your spouse must provide valid reasons for not paying you the alimony. After looking into the pieces of evidence, the judge will take action. 

There are numerous tools at the family law court that help them enforce alimony; the spouse is proven to have a bad reputation and will face fines and penalties if they do not abide by the court’s orders to pay the alimony. But all these will be spared if you decide to solve the case outside the courtroom. 

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