Tips for Choosing the Best Carpet for Your Living Room

Tips for Choosing the Best Carpet for Your Living Room

Everything you put in your living room speaks tons about your personality. When it comes to choosing the best carpet and rug for your living room, you want to ensure you do it right. Why? This is where most of your visitors will rest, and the epicenter of your house.

Choosing the best carpet for a living room involves a lot. In this article, we share some five tips to help you land your dream carpet.

1. Is it easy to clean?

Cleaning your carpet is one of the most challenging things to do. Therefore, when buying a rug, you will want to ensure you won’t have some hard times cleaning it. When buying a living room carpet you will also wonder, how much is professional carpet cleaning? There are many carpet cleaners or companies you can reach out to, to get prices.

An easy-to-clean carpet will give you peace of mind when washing it at home. It is difficult removing tuff stains in some carpet.

2. Fiber options.

Fiber option is another critical factor you’ll have to consider when buying your carpet. Carpets come in a variety of fibers such as nylon, olefin, polyester, and tri-extra. You can try olefin carpets for a living room. 

They are the best for high traffic areas like living rooms, and they are also inexpensive. Polyester carpets are very comfy under the feet but quite difficult to clean.

3. Durability

How long do you want to have your carpet around before replacing it? Well, that will depend on the material you opt for. Your living room receives the highest traffic, especially if you have kids around. When shopping for a carpet, you want to ensure it is more durable and able to stand the tear and wear. That means it should have some warranty for durability.

Look for high-density carpets because they will last longer. The simplest way to test for durability is to try bending the carpet sample backwards. If you can see the carpet backing, that means it is not going to last a while.

4. Color selection

You want to ensure your carpet fits your interior décor specs. Choosing your favorite color depends on your taste and preferences. 

You can choose the carpet color based on natural light exposure in the room, your pet color, or what you intend to use the space for. In most cases, it’s better to buy a carpet that matches well with your living room furniture.

If you don’t want to reach out to professional carpet cleaning services every time, you should go for warm color carpets- they hide stains and create a cozy ambience. Neutral colored carpets are the best if you want to remain in fashion for long- they don’t go out of style for years. 

Final Thoughts 

You have to consider many things when you shop for a living room carpet like your budget, ease of cleaning, and fiber options. Once you set a budget, you must ensure you get the best carpet in the market. 


David Lockhart