Tips for Moving with a Company in Salt Lake City

Tips for Moving with a Company in Salt Lake City


Pack Necessities Together

Although hairbrushes and pillows might not have a lot in common, consider packing all the items you will need to use when you arrive at your new home together. This may include a toothbrush, deodorant, makeup, a towel, shoes, socks, clothes, a hairbrush, a comb, hair ties, soap, shampoo, conditioner, a razor, a few dishes, and more. Unpacking your possessions transported by a moving company can take days, weeks, or even months, and digging through boxes in the morning to find pants when you’re already late for work isn’t ideal. Be sure to gather everything you might need for the next week or so and pack it separately from the rest of your items.

Group Items

Organization isn’t for everyone, but when it comes to moving with a moving company in Salt Lake City, it is crucial. Pack dishes and towels together. The towels will serve as a cushion for the dishes to prevent breakage, and the use thereof will save money on bubble wrap. Kitchen towels and dishes will be unpacked in similar areas, making the consolidation of the two-item categories ideal for accelerated unpacking. Group all other valuables according to their location in the house. Label all of your boxes with their contents, and be specific. Moving, even with the help of a moving company, is stressful, and it’s unlikely that you’ll remember where you put every item. If all boxes are clearly labeled, you reduce the risk of losing your possessions. Be sure to mark what room each box will be going to as well. If you’re a visual learner or rememberer, color code your boxes with neon duct tape, assigning a color to each room in the house. If your family members, friends, or a moving company choose to help you unpack, the bright colors and detailed labels will benefit both you and them.

Take Pictures Beforehand

If your house in Salt Lake City is organized in a particular way that you like, or if your bedroom is designed to fit your aesthetic preferences, take pictures of each room in the house to simplify the unpacking process for you and the moving company. Take pictures of cupboard contents, kitchen drawer organization, and electronic connections. Television setup can be complicated, but if you have a picture of where each cord belongs, the process will be much simpler. If you plan to imitate your previous landscape in your new home, take pictures of the yard. While a moving company is transporting your items, boxes may be mixed up, but having pictures of where everything belongs can save you a lot of trouble.

Change Your Address

Forwarding mail can be a pain, so be sure to change your Salt Lake City address at least two weeks before moving. You can change your address at the local post office or online. Additionally, update any online accounts you use that have your address on file. Amazon, PayPal, your bank, and other companies will need to be aware of your location change to avoid the misconception that there’s been a security breach.

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