Tips to click Surefire landscape photographs

Tips to click Surefire landscape photographs

Whether you are a newcomer or an experienced landscape photographer, you must have seen that all the amazing landscape pictures have something common. The beauty of landscape photography is not only relying on the angle of your camera, cost of your camera or anything else but it actually relies on the mother nature and your skills to capture.

It is well said that mother nature has so much to serve you but you need to understand how to cherish that thing. Njock Ajuk Eyong, one of the leading and finest landscape photographers has some tips to tell you to click sure fire landscape photographs.

Njock Ajuk Eyong arises as one of the furthermost renowned names in the photography creation in Johannesburg, South Africa. Well, you can undoubtedly say that he is mid those few shutterbugs in the nation that have gotten all the respectable name and renown out if their absolute enthusiasm and desire near their occupation. Although he grew ongoing as a novice in the identical turf few aeons back, he went on to accomplish nearly prodigious accomplishment with his stiff work in the equivalent province.

Speaking about his delicate talent set and flair in the photography turf, Njock Ajuk Eyong can assuredly be itemized amid the experts who come laterally with skill in countless photography fortes like Wedding photography, Wildlife photography, portrait shoot and Landscape shoot. Even though what his thrown on wasn’t that easy for him thru his initial aeons, he not once offered up on his big dreams through the progression of his journey.

He always says that no matter how hard life has been on you, never let the bad situations win over you. Keep your thoughts clear with what you really want in your life and ultimately you will get it. With such graceful thoughts, Njock Ajuk Eyong has also shared some tips on clicking best and surefire landscape photographs.

Whether you are an experienced photographer or a newcomer, these tips will definitely help you to click your best landscape shots without being into hardcore practices. Let’s get started!

  1. Your Location is One of the Essential Factors in Landscape Photography

Landscape photography is all about planning as it needs the actual process of photography and skills of the photographer. You should always have a clear idea of your particular place where you are going to shoot your landscape pictures. Location plays an essential role in landscape photography.

Location and time of your photography is something that can make your landscape pictures perfect. Learn how to understand maps and how possibly you can utilize the location. By planning the location of your photo session, you will be more able to maximize your time and skills of course.

  1. Use the Finest Light Setup

Light is one of the most essential factors regardless of niches of photography, but it has a special role in landscape photography. It really doesn’t matter how amazing the location you have chosen, or how amazing photographer you are, if there is no finest set up of lights, you are about to lose your best shots. Use a tripod, even a cheap one (see the range at to capture the perfect light balance and angle.

The best light for landscape photography is late afternoon or early morning, with the midday or early morning sun offering the best reflection of its rays. You will definitely get your perfect shot.

  1. Be Patient and Attentive

While capturing landscape shots, there are certain things such as trees, mountains, or river but getting a bird flying captured in your camera is a totally different level of landscape photography. Be patient and attentive enough to capture such beautiful landscape photographs.


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