Tips to potty train your new pup

Tips to potty train your new pup

Teaching your new pup when and where to go potty is a huge milestone in dog ownership. In addition to reducing messy pet waste accidents, housetraining will bring you closer together while helping your furry pal learn the rules of the home. Follow some of these tips for pup potty training to set up your new dog for success.

Tip #1 Managing Your Expectations

One of the most vital components to keep in mind when potty training is there will be accidents. Successful housetraining can be expected to take at least a few months for both adult dogs and puppies, so do your best to be patient when teaching your dog.

Tip #2 Get Yourself a collar and leash

If you plan on teaching your pet to do its business outside, you should purchase an easy-to-remove leash and collar. This will reduce time spend suiting your puppy to go outside, helping you avoid indoor dog poop incidents.

Tip #3 Preventive Action

There are certain times you should automatically take your puppy outside to use the restroom such as, after a nap, after eating, and after playing. These are the most common times your dog will need to use the restroom before learning to hold it and alleviate itself outside.

Now you mind find yourself in another predicament after teaching your puppy to go potty outside. Now your yard is covered in dog poop. Not to worry, as there tools and services that have pros and cons that may be the perfect pet waste removal solution for you. We’ll go over those briefly.

Pet Waste Removal Solutions

Pooper Scooper

A pooper scooper typically comes in a combo of dustpan with a long handle and a rake for raking dog poop. These are great for ensuring you can stay clear of your dog’s waste while scooping it up. The only downside is that you are having to spend the time cleaning your dog’s poop, and if you don’t keep up with it, you can accidentally end up stepping in it.

Dog Poop Removal Company

Another poop removal solution is hiring a dog waste removal service. Typically, you can pay a company to remove all dog poop from your yard regularly for an affordable rate. The con here is that even though it is at an affordable rate, it is another expense you will have, but the time you save from picking up your dog’s poop can now be spent actually enjoying time with your pup.

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