Top 3 features of a Good Air Hose Fitting

Top 3 features of a Good Air Hose Fitting

Have you ever purchased an automotive hose fitting that made your experience awful?

Was the material durable and can it withstand the temperature working conditions?

This article will offer guidance on what to look out for in a hose fitting.

Depending on the joint, the material could be made of plastic, aluminium, zinc or even brass alloy. Having a rubber hose connector guarantees flexibility even when temperatures drop below zero degrees.

Features of a good Air Hose Fitting

Size of the fitting

Diameters of the fittings vary. Therefore, it would be prudent to ensure that you select the right size. A 6mm diameter fitting will not serve the purpose of a 10mm diameter hose. In such shortcomings, the flow of air will be significantly affected, therefore reducing the efficiency of the system.

Type of fitting

Before you purchase an automotive hose fitting, it is essential to identify the type that works best for your system. For instance, with a quick-release coupling, one disconnects the air line from the compressor while it is still connected to the equipment. On the other hand, with a Schrader twist lock, you only have to twist the cap and hose in opposite directions to disconnect.

Is the coupler automatic or manual?

A universal coupler could make the work easier. However, what happens if you don’t have one within your reach? You have to pull the sleeve of the coupler towards you to make a perfect seal connection. The advantage of having an automatic coupler is that you only need to insert the plug to seal it.

How to attach the fittings to your air hose?

Ensure you have one male air hose fitting connected to your air system supply. Seal the fitting to the hose completely to ensure no air escapes to avoid wastage. Make a tight air chuck to hose connection but don’t overdo it. Using the right fit couple, plug them to your hose ends. For rubber hose connectors, a barbed connector works best.

Having that in mind, it is vital to remember that having the right fitting maintains constant flow pressure, therefore improving the efficiency of your air system. Not only will it be safe, but it will also safeguard and increase the lifespan of the equipment.



Clare Louise