Top 4 Reasons Why You Should Consider Switching to Hydroponics Gardening

Top 4 Reasons Why You Should Consider Switching to Hydroponics Gardening

If you are an indoor gardener, you have an option to choose between hydroponics and soil. You also need indoor farming supplies such as grow lights, ventilation supplies, grow tents and many more. The difference between hydroponic growing and an indoor garden is that you won’t need soil when growing your plants hydroponically. You can use hydroponics to grow your fruits, vegetables and herbs as it allows more control on conditions such as nutrients and oxygen supply. Below are some of the reasons why you should consider switching to hydroponics.

Save Space

The world population continues to grow in huge number, meaning we should be ready to live and produce our food in smaller spaces. Hydroponics could be the solution to the space problem as it helps farmers in maximising the harvest from their small space. The use of hydroponics requires less space compared to soil farming as the roots of a plant need more space to absorb nutrients from the soil. You can buy grow tent kits for sale online if you want an ideal environment for your small garden.

Hydroponics Saves Water

Water is a scarce resource, especially in cities where the demand for water may be higher than its supply. Gardeners who grow their plants on soil must water their plants at least twice daily, and the plants utilise only a small percentage of the water. When it comes to hydroponics, you can save on water wastage as the plants have their roots submerged in water where they absorb only the needed amount and leave the rest. The water reservoirs are also covered to avoid the loss of water through evaporation. The amount of water you use to water your plants can service your hydroponics for some days.

No More Need for Weeding

The soil where we grow our plants is also home to weed seeds that grow once the environment is conducive. The growth of weeds is a disturbance to the gardener as they have to spend some time weeding. The use of hydroponics is an effective way to avoid weeding as there is no medium to introduce weed seeds into the system.

Fewer Diseases and Pests

Hydroponic gardening also eliminates some diseases and pests as there is no soil involved. Most of the diseases that cause massive losses for farmers are soil-borne, plus it also provides a perfect breeding ground for some of the pests. Eliminating soil from your garden means you will have fewer pests and diseases to worry about.




David Lockhart