Top 4 Things to do With Loose Diamonds

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Having the best loose diamonds is the perfect reason to acquire some new jewelry. Maybe you inherited some stones from a family member or you’re sorting through old pieces, you’re bound to come up with some spare stones at some point. Rather than selling them out for pocket money, consider keeping those stones as part of your family history. Even if the old pieces have gone out of style, the stones can be made into new jewelry. Take a look at these tips for what to do with those extra diamonds.

Consider the Types of Jewelry You Could Make

Never too Many Rings

One of the best loose diamonds uses is in rings. Jewelry lovers know that there is really no such thing as too many rings. Your spare loose diamonds are the perfect excuse to add another ring or two to your collection.

Bracelets are Always In

Using your loose diamonds in a bracelet is the perfect way to keep them fresh in your style. A stylish bracelet can go with any outfit. Whether you are turning heads on the red carpet or you just want a little pop in your office attire. Bracelets are also a great option for men or women. Those loose diamonds can be used in bracelets for just about anyone!

Or Use Them for the Perfect Occasion

The Perfect Gift

The best loose diamonds use that will make you the star of the next holiday is to turn those extra stones into gifts. This is a great way to surprise your spouse or lover. Everyone loves a gift of surprise jewelry. The best part about loose diamonds is how versatile they are. You can make pretty much any kind of jewelry out of them. This is perfect for a gift regardless of your loved one’s taste or favorite pieces.

Commemorate the Occasion

If you’re coming up on an anniversary    or maybe a friend or loved one just graduated college, using some of these spare stones is a great way to mark the occasion. An engraved bracelet or a ring is a perfect way to make sure that this moment is never lost.

Diamonds are never lost. If you have some extra stones laying around don’t let them get lost to time! There are countless ways you can keep them alive and acquire some new pieces of jewelry for your collection. Even if you are looking to get rid of them, using them as gifts for friends or family is a gesture that will last a lifetime.

David Lockhart