Top 5 Best Digital Manometers

Top 5 Best Digital Manometers

The manometer is a device used to measure the pressure of air on a fluid column. HVAC technicians widely use this device. Analog and digital are two types of manometers. Analog manometer has fluid in a U shaped tube. When air pressure is the same on both sides of the tube, the fluid settles in the middle while the fluid shifts when there is a pressure difference between the two sides of the tube. By measuring the distance of the shift, the analogue manometer calculates the air pressure. Digital manometer, on the other hand, does not use liquid but has a pressure transducer which detects changes in air pressure and converts it into an electrical signal. The on-board computer changes the electrical signal into the measurement.

You can select the best digital manometer from the following list of five top-rated digital manometers in the market.

Field Piece Dual Port Manometer

Field Piece Dual Port Manometer measures differential pressure, static pressure and gas pressure. It measures pressures ranging between -60 inWC to 60 inWC and -150 mBar to 150 mBar. It can also measure the pressure difference between two points. The unit has a zero adjust button and also automatic on/off feature to conserve battery. The unit has a magnet at the rear and a rubber boot. The manometer has been specially designed for HVAC technicians. The manometer is highly accurate and very easy to use.

Extech HD755

Extech HD755 measures the difference in pressure between two areas. Its range is +/- 0.5 PSI. This manometer has 11 units of measurements including PSI and mm of Hg. A button is present to switch between units of measurement. The LCD display makes it easy to read the measurements. There is also a button to backlight the LCD screen. The manometer can measure pressure differentials over a period of time and provides maximum, minimum and average pressure differentials along with a timestamp. The unit is housed in a sturdy ABS plastic body. The device comes with a hose to reach hard to access areas.

RISEPRO Digital Air and Differential Pressure Manometer

RISPERO can measure up to 10 PSI of pressure and also measure pressure differentials. The manometer has 11 units to measure pressure including mmHg, FtH2O, inHg, inH2O, psi, cmH2O, Bar and mBar. The device is suitable for installation of gas appliances, pneumatic controls, medical purposes and HVAC.

Hti-Xintai Digital Manometer

Hti-Xintai digital manometer is accurate up to 0.001 PSI and can measure differential pressure up to +/- 2 PSI. The manometer uses 11 different units of measurement, including PSI, bars, millibars, mm/Hg and inches of water. Buttons are present to switch between absolute and differential pressure. Two buttons are also present to save measurements and turn on and off the LCD backlight.

Rupse Handheld 1890 Manometer

Rupse Handheld 1890 is highly suited for HVAC technicians to measure pressures of air conditioning and ventilation systems. It can also test pressure in gas appliances, medical equipment and pneumatic controls. The unit measures the pressure in 11 units. The backlit LCD provides a clear reading.


The best digital manometer has the following advantages.

  • It is highly accurate with accuracy more than analogy manometers.
  • No danger of spilling the liquid because there is none, unlike analogue manometers.
  • The readings are displayed digitally on the screen in a host of measurement units.
  • Highly portable which makes it easy to carry?

Nicholas Jansen