Top 5 Most Feared Football Supporters Groups

Top 5 Most Feared Football Supporters Groups

Football is known as one of the most-watched sports in the world. It is even the most passionately supported games. However, the passionate love for the games comes forward at a great price. At worst times, these prices are even paid in the form of life.

It is one of the known sports which fetch maximum violence-related fan injuries and death than any other sport. It has now become a common occurrence of the game around the entire world. The Ultra group fan bases turn the competition of the game into something entirely different. This often results in violence between the rival club gangs. Lazio Ultras, even known as Irridicibili, is one of the strongest influential football supporter groups of Europe. So, looking at the violence affect on the football games, 5 most dangerous feared Football Supporters Groups and bases around the world includes,

  • Galatasaray Fans – Turkey:

Galatasaray Ultra is even known as the UltrAslan, holds the Guinness World record of being the loudest fan of the world. They come forward with popular banners reading “Welcome to Hell.” The entire atmosphere for the visiting team is terrible, with lots of noise.

  • Lazio Fans – Italy:

These fans are known to be the most violent ones. After 33years, Gli Irridicibili was disbanded, and their name was changed to Ultras Lazio. It is even reported that they had military connections.

  • Al-Masry Fans – Egypt:

This club is based in Port Said. The fans of this giant side are known for violent supporters. Even in 2012, a fight was recorded against Al-Ahly after the match, which took away 79 death and more than 1000 injuries.

  • Red Star Belgrade – Serbia:

This group is known to create chaos wherever they go. The fixture is always violent, and the tournaments turn in battlegrounds

  • Millwall Fans – England:

They are crowned as the most notorious fan. They are known to be involved in football violence and hooliganism back since the 1970s and 1980s

However, one cannot deny that it is all because of the passionate football fans, which help to make this sport a unique one. The support extended by the audience continues even after the final whistle is blown. Basically, in Italy, football seems to be inseparable from politics and Irridicibili. But, it is very unfortunate that many times this fanaticism spills into violence. These people are even dubbed as hooligans whose primary stand is for fighting and causing mayhem and interest for sports seems to be secondary.

Bonnie Baldwin